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  1. Im surprised at the amount of votes Br starts has. I thought the BR was way to easy to use? why would we want that? pistol/AR starts seems to be the way to go, and hopefully we can get a 4sk pistol or some other form of buff to it to make it better. The AR finally seems to be a useful weapon, and with a buffed pistol i think it would fit in perfectly.
  2. Watching streams a few days before the release, i was very tempted to preorder and get the game day one, everyone seemed to be having so much fun. Glad i didnt now. I think im gonna wait until christmas and see if 343 adds more content and fixes some of this issues people seem to be having. the aim glitch/bug/whatever is particularly scary to me, that could ruin the whole game for me if its something that i really notice like some people are saying. Game needs quite a few things to make it a solid HALO experience from what i am reading.
  3. Could i get my username changed to RandaPanda ? please and thank you EDIT: and can my title be "official TeamBeyond pet" ?
  4. Really enjoyed this. This guy has some great videos about the Direction franchises like halo, destiny, and COD are headed in and the problems with them.
  5. Honestly really excited about this game. Looks like the toned down all the jumping and stuff A LOT. Advanced warfare was too much.
  6. Maybe i missed this somewhere so apologies in advance but will this be available on consoles? specifically xbox one?
  7. Get home from work, see reactions to an amazing new Hyena montage. Hey lets go watch it! Removed for copyright infringement. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.
  8. Thank you, ill deff. pop by and check it out.
  9. This game looks simple and really fun. With the downfall of halo and console gaming in general (in my eyes atleast), i really am curious about building a gaming pc. This may be one of the first games i get if that happens. keeping my eye on this game.
  10. Ah yes i totally forgot about that. lol pretty shitty of me.
  11. I feel like we are really blowing internet connection issues out of proportion. Really, who cant afford basic internet nowadays? Basic internet is good enough for most gaming I feel, and is only getting better. I have basic comcast internet and I rarely have issues. I feel if people really have THAT bad of internet, they probably are not having much fun whether its Hitscan or Projectile.
  12. Been a long time since i posted, just been lurking. This botched launch and the underwhelming beta have killed my drive for halo, and even gaming in general. Haven't turned my xbone on in over a week. Losing hope in Console gaming, if the urge to game comes back and I feel motivated, may try PC gaming for the first time ever. pls 343 fix MCC :cry: :cry: :cry:
  13. ok that explains it. Thought my xbox was just being dumb. hopefully it will be back up in a bit
  14. you get kicked off destiny too?
  15. I noticed when you die "out of bounds" on a level it says killed by the architects. Should say killed by the Spartans
  16. This thread is pure gold. Im dying over here. But honestly, i read that whole pcmaster race thread on reddit that was posted. Good stuff got me really curious about a gaming pc now, especially seeing as there are ones that can do more than the current gen consoles for cheaper. I woulda never guessed. Only thing holding me back is PC ignorance and the fact that all my friends play xbox. I'll deff keep that reddit thread saved tho for later, in case i change my mind.
  17. I think Scufs are just the start of what controllers should evolve into, To provide the most fluid gameplay i think all the buttons should be on the back of the controller allowing you use all of your fingers. with a regular controller your 3 end fingers go to waste, unless you claw then you use 3. You have to take your finger off the right thumbstick to look around and thats just not efficient. If all the buttons were on the back of the controller, you would never have to take your finger off either thumbstick. Would be a huge change for console gamers but i think it would be worth it in the end.
  18. I think the movement that has been previewed in AW is just what a fast ttk game like COD needs. I dont know if i am gonna get it or not but it looks promising. I prefer the more simple CODs to be honest tho. BO2 was great but there are way too many kill streaks and perks now. Ghosts perks list is ridiculous. I enjoyed the uav, airstrike, chopper from COD4 best, simple and effective.
  19. The only reason im interested in sunset overdrive is cuz i want that white xbox one :wub:
  20. Staged but still funny regardless. Watching some of the peoples real reactions is sad. Edit: Fail. cant figure out how to get the video in the comment and not the link. Halp.
  21. If any1 wants to watch comedy gold, head to Twitch.tv/zrozilacx. 18 Man rust private lobby on mw2. Doing random classes
  22. I only caught the rebroadcast of the championship series, but that was enough to impress me. I didn't know any of the players but was way more interested in this than any h4 tourney i have watched recently. Get the big names and high stakes going for future tourneys and this will be big.
  23. I guess this is late because aKR3ZZ replied to my comment a long time ago but im gonna ask now... Why does FFA NEED radar? it seems people have differing opinions

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