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  1. I was thinking the same thing, well hoping anyways. That's why I was asking if there was a Classic Playlist a few pages back. If it's not there yet, it seems like they might be gearing up for one. If they aren't, then they are dumb. I wouldn't play any other playlist if I had the game.
  2. not to piggy back, but they could create a multiplayer experience for the current gen console (assuming it's good), then push out those side titles or campaigns with new map packs like you said. That's a sustain plan and confidence in your product.
  3. My take on the "H5 is the biggest launch" saying is that they aren't very specific in how it was the biggest launch. Was it most games sold? Was it most money made? Was it biggest boost to MS sales, most limited editions sold, etc... There is always a way that one facet of each halo launch is going to be better than the last. the only thing that should matter is number of games sold. Not dollars made, not consoles pushed, or anything like that. The only thing that can really measure a launches success imo is the number of units sold out of the stores and into homes. So if that number is the largest in Halo history, then I'll skeptically believe it.
  4. Or if they opened up the code sources so independent communities and such could make code changes. Let the players make the game the players want to play.
  5. Yeah, but now we know their intentions. Halo doesn't need JiP for the classic style playlists. Even if you're getting shit on because someone quit. That's my two cents though. I'm more willing to accept it in Social playlists, but I still don't like the idea. Warzone, fine. BTB and 4v4 matches, not so much.
  6. gotta get give out those new medals left and right.
  7. I was waiting for the day this happened. Melees in Halo (minus CE) have always had a ridiculous lunge, and they gave everyone a bigger lunge to use. It's almost a reason I haven't bought the game. I'm not that great, so I always end up being killed by a melee and it pisses me off, so I knew I would hate the entire "Spartan Charge" mechanic for this exact reason. At least it looked like it was Spartan Charge. If not, then I'm an idiot and don't see the difference between that and a thrust and melee out of sprint.
  8. Yeah, but with no penalty at all, someone could JiP and just go AFK if it's a losing battle. So if the To3 was coming back and get a random 4th who AFKs and just dies, then that'll hurt the people who still had a team member quit. JiP should stay out of Ranked anything. Maybe this is just testing the waters to see if their JiP system works, and they think putting it in BTB only isn't a big deal because it is supposed to be social or something like that. I doubt it though because they could just test it on Warzone, but either way, it needs to be clarified.
  9. I can agree that they aren't the team that I would have working on it, but at this point, it's really the only option. I'd prefer they take the H5 eSports mentality into creating a classic Halo and go from there rather than just leave it at H2A. That game didn't have eSports in mind in the slightest from whichever team ended up working on it. They won't do it because there isn't enough time for them to do it. For H3s anniversary date, it would have had to have been in dev last year instead of fixing MCC given they can't complete one game in a 3 year dev cycle.
  10. You missed a bit "(this is a gross oversimplification of what really needs done, but you get the point)" Plus it was ports of ports. I'm not talking about porting.
  11. Literally all they have to do is take the exact same game, assets, code, and mimic it and change some values. Just re-release it with a few improvements. (this is a gross oversimplification of what really needs done, but you get the point) Like Moa said, the game still looks great, but if they were going to release it, since they've completely screwed up two games in a row, we don't need fancy graphics, we just want the issues that have been their since the games incarnation to be fixed. FOV, BR shitness, and things that are well known. Things that the casual player wouldn't even notice because they don't care. They can literally spend most of the time "improving" Forge and actually putting in a working Spectator mode. They can put in new features, but leave the core game alone. We don't need new weapons or equipment. We don't need new grenade radii, larger hitboxes or any other ideas that 343 come up with to "improve" the game.
  12. I feel the game that could get something back would be an H3 remake taken to the next level. We all know what was wrong with H3, so fix it and let the game be better than it was. 343 isn't great at making games better, but there is a clear plan that is laid out and easy code to rip from that could make this a walk in the park for them. Fix the BR, fix the FOV, fix the shitty equipment that people won't use, roll H5 Forge (if its actually worth the wait) over into H3 so we can make better maps, add the custom game options that are missing from freaking H5 that people are in arms about. Implement everything from H3, but fix the shit that made people angry about the game. You could even throw the freaking CE pistol in the game as a power weapon and I think it wouldn't break the game. Just don't add the unnecessary things in that they always add. No huge hitboxes. No lens flare and outrageous lighting. Don't block off the rigid ledges that let people try to explore parts of the maps with trick jumps. And many people think there were shit maps, so don't just keep it to only H3 maps, include some H2 maps that were huge. Blackout was a bastard remake of Lockout, so put a real Lockout remake in there. (I know we've had Lockout in every game, but take it as an example. There is Guardian anyways) Put other H2 favorites in like Turf, Waterworks, or whatever. The two games were very similar in mechanics and it would work well. I'm sure if you fix the issues H3 had, even some H1 maps could potentially "work". Remaking games always sounds like a cheap way to make money, but I feel that Halo as a whole would actually need a FIXED H3 remake if things are as bad as people are saying. I don't really know how bad it is because I haven't even stayed current with the H5 figures, or even the game in general and I know H3 wasn't the most competitively sound game and CE was the tits when it comes to competitive merit, but 343 missed the boat with both CE and H2 already. So instead of just a simple remake, it could be like an all inclusive Halo game. MCC is never going to be what it was supposed to be, so it's definitely not the Ultimate Halo Collection it was supposed be. If H5 is as bad as what is being said and classic Halo needs a rebirth, then H3's 10 year is coming up sooner than H6 and that's a ship they shouldn't let pass by. It just needs to be a complete game before they release it this time. No more broken MCC games or partial H5 missing half it's features at launch.
  13. If the map is too big for the proper movement settings, that's a problem with Map Design. Every map can be made to combat the "walking is too slow" mentality people have. Put in more cover, increase the time it takes to capture a base/hill, and many other things. Saying you need sprint on some maps and not others means that some maps are bad and some aren't.
  14. I haven't even had the desire to buy it yet. I did think about it when I saw Walshy play one game on a City map (i obviously don't know the names of maps because I don't have the game to learn them lol) It looked cool, but that is only because it reminded me of a level I played on in Toxikk. Other than that, no real desire to touch H5 yet. I do have a few friends who bought it who haven't played xbox in a long while, so I might pick it up just to play with them, but my xbox time has become almost non-existent due to the lack of games I'm interested in.
  15. I get that. Not everyone loves Forge. My only gripe was that most companies are just releasing incomplete games. I know finishing Forge and sending it out doesn't hurt the gameplay or anything like that, but they kept us in the dark (as far as I know) when they knew it wouldn't be out, at launch and we were asking questions a long time ago. If they didn't, as it got closer, they should have said something. I never once heard anything about Forge, and I follow them on twitter and check in here fairly often. Not to talk, but just to see the top articles. Large components shouldn't be left out, is all that bothers me. My personal opinion is that the game should be complete before launch, and only really need tweaks when it comes to balancing weapons, patching bugs, etc. Not adding in whole other features that are basically a staple of the franchise. The only saving grace really is that they aren't charging anything for it. Which if they didn't announce free DLC, then I would have been surprised.
  16. Wow. What happened to releasing a game after it's been completed? No Forge. No BTB or BTB Maps. Seriously. Didn't they learn from MCC that they should complete a game before they launch. This one might at work, and I know not everyone cares about Forge, but vast improvements or not, that's still sad they can't release the game with all it's components.
  17. Wait, so Forge didn't come at the Launch? This is a serious question because I haven't kept up with H5 the past few months.
  18. It's also only $50 at CostCo. But I still didn't feel like buying it new at that price lol
  19. What does the name say? I haven't been on in a few months to actually see any of the dumb stuff that's happened.
  20. Extraction was just s more competitive version of KOTH for me. Nothing really that great about it other than you had to be there, defenseless for a few seconds in order to start gaining points, so you had to rely on your team in order to win rather than just Lone Wolf it and rush the hill every time. I thought it was cool at first, but after that it was just too easy and it lost it's appeal other than trick shots. Then again, I didn't take H4 very seriously anyways, so maybe it had some appeal or something that I didn't really ever get to know.
  21. Hey, everyone loved Invasion. Let's not give it to them, but instead just make a knockoff, because all our other knockoff gametypes have been accepted so well. -343
  22. It's hard to carry it all to the curb at the same time when you have more than two trash bins overflowing.
  23. yeah, I haven't gotten that far with the books. I'm on the one about Johnson. I'm just going off the something I heard and don't have a source for... and the fact that it's called GuardianS. I would feel safe saying that there are more than one and they are each unique in their own way beyond just looks.
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