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  1. It's not refusing new technology, Chief at least (idk if Blue Team has new suits or anything) is still wearing his Mark VI armor, which has been around since H2 and he didn't have Cortana to upgrade his firmware this time. So unless there is some new thing that is updating his armor, I don't see how his suit would be getting the "new technology" that requires him to now raise his gun to his face.
  2. I was hoping that Chief and Blue team would have the traditional Halo gameplay. No SAs, traditional scope, so Sprint. Just good, old fashioned Halo, but I read through the RUL post that described the Blue Team mission, it had Chief using the SAs. So as much as I and probably a ton of others would love for that to be the case, I doubt it happens. 343 is too into their style of Halo to let us have a true traditional experience, even though it would make perfect sense within the lore.
  3. I have never understood the appeal that Turf had with people. Was it because you could drive the warthog through the drive-through window or what?
  4. Just releasing the original H2 ten years later would have been a service. Instead we get an H2V port.
  5. If the games would have been better, then people would have actually wanted to spend money on the map packs. H3 really had no issue with DLC maps not showing up in the rotation.
  6. I'd be extra worried because of the whole "free dlc" thing. It's one way to look at it and say "Yay, free maps! Now everyone will get to play everything. How generous." Or could it be a fall back type thing because they had such a bad backlash due to H4 dlc maps never getting played because no one played the game after a few months. So it could be a "In case no one plays the game after a few months, people will still have access to all the maps." type of thing. Sort of a lack of confidence on their part since so much is going to be new. idk, just a different way to look at it.
  7. This. I apparently was just really bad at saying that this article, which is going to be online and contain more information than what we currently have right now, is probably all we are going to get before E3. Why would they drop a bunch of information before E3 when the purpose of E3 is to reveal more information about their product?
  8. I meant that what is in the issue is all we are going to get, as in I don't expect anything else to be released besides the content that is in the article.
  9. I would assume this is it until Monday since there is less than a week to go. Why pump out info when you they are preparing to do just that in a few days?
  10. They should test neutral flag and neutral bomb. That way there are two different options for different playstyles. One is pull the objective into friendly territory and the other is push into enemy territory. And for those who think bomb will be like S&D or whatever, have an almost instant arm time. Like .25 or .5 seconds and no disarm, or an instant disarm time since the bomb carrier probably won't be able to sprint. That'll keep the game pace fairly fast imo.
  11. It gives the rifles a purpose. Let the magnum destroy people quickly in close quarters, but have the rifles be easier at long range so the pistol takes more skill to use at range. It's a balance thing. You're given something you can use effectively off spawn, but you can't control the entire map with it.
  12. What about the actual scope of the Sniper? Is there any way to make that thing smaller? It takes up so much of the screen while the player isn't zoomed/scoped.
  13. Reach has the best BTB imo. I had more fun playing BTB than I did any other playlist. The sniper was too easy and that damn sticky launcher and weak vehicles made it nearly impossible to have a lot of fun in vehicles.
  14. How does Sprint effect the relationship between a Pistol and a BR? Enlighten me.
  15. He'd take it too literal and put "#wrekt lol tkerw#" otherwise it wouldn't be anything like a palindrome.
  16. We are talking about the weapons. This has nothing to do with the abilities, the map sizes, or anything other than just the balance of the weapons. In those regards, the weapons and the balance between all the weapons (what their strong suits are, what their pitfalls, their uniqueness, how they trump some and not others) is going to be very similar to the way the weapons were set up in CE. It's not hard to comprehend. The overall game, including abilities and all the other crap, yes it resembles CoD:AW, but that's not what we're talking about. The thread is called "Halo 5: Guardians Starting Weapons Discussion" for a reason. We are talking about weapon and the balance. That's it.
  17. But how much are they going to reduce them? That's the issue. They could reduce them 1% and call it a day, which overall wouldn't change anything, which is something I could see them doing since they said they put in a toggle "after" the results of the beta feedback. We all know they were going to put that in anyways, so they just feed us lines to keep us happy most of the time. No biggie, but I've read some posts you put down and although you agree with my thoughts on the AR, but I would have to disagree with your thoughts on the buffed pistol not being a better starting option. The buffed pistol, as people have described it, doesn't have much in the way of aim assist or anything of the sorts. It will be harder to use than a BR/DMR and have less range, which means that picking up a BR/DMR will still be a better option for those who are less skilled, but at the cost of a longer perfect kill time. However, you are still spawning with a competent precision weapon off the spawn. And not just a competent weapon, but one with the fastest kill time. This means that if you are a player who likes to run and flank to get in close, or an aggressive player, you can just push in on people and destroy them with your spawning weapons if you are more skilled and precise with your aim. This creates a larger skill gap because the weapons all play differently similarly to CE and you will have to think about what you are going to use, how you are going to use it, etc. At least that is my take on the whole thing.
  18. I'm generally interested as well. With H5 on the horizon and MCC still not in the best of shape, I'm looking into abandoning the whole XBox life and moving towards the PC world where games are actually reliable. Having Halo there would be a great introductory experience, assuming it's up to par with some past titles. Also, I thought I saw someone modding the weapons a little bit.... Would it be possible to take the DMR and put the pistol skin on it, then keep the scope or change it to the BR scope? I had a little experience modding weapons on Borderlands, but that was using other software. My friend and I used to make insane weapons or take others insane weapons and give them infinite ammo, different elemental damage, and other things of that nature.
  19. The AR is a QCQ weapon. It always was and it should stay there. That's why it wasn't the most viable weapon and was dropped/switched for a BR/Pistol. The BR/Pistol was able to reach farther and was able to let people be competent. Making the AR viable in the mid-range is just making the game easier for people who can't use precision weapons. Especially because ADS makes it more accurate. We've all seen what happens when you have an automatic weapon that can dominate with range with the SAW. People just wreck house easily, making the game boring and removing all thought process.
  20. I love that the H5 thread is talking about the H4 Soundtrack
  21. Every slayer match would be a Lockout TS match.
  22. It depends. If I'm by myself, I just play CE, so that doesn't matter, but if I'm with a friend who prefers BR gameplay, that is what gets picked if there is an option. Otherwise I force the vote towards CE because I don't like starting without a precision weapon. I almost put my controller down when it comes to AR/SMG games. I'll just die constantly, grab crap weapons to dick around with, or if the other team is controlling the precisions weapons on the map and I can't move 5 ft. I'll actually quit because I see no reason to stay. We aren't going to win, so let the other team win faster so everyone can get on to a better game.
  23. What happens if the game is still unreliable in June? $1,500 tourney in July?
  24. Holy shit! That's a lot better than what I was looking for. I was thinking it would just be an overhead map view lol. Thanks!

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