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  1. Isn't there more than one "Guardian", which would mean that they are just two different ones and looking different really isn't a big deal?
  2. I agree. Usually the game goes through multiple tweaks after launch before the competitive community is happy (if that's even possible). H2s BR had tweaks, H3 had tweaks, Reach went all the way to v7 before people were happy, H4 had that huge turbo update, but that didn't make the comp community happy because they didn't want sprint and asked for descope. If we kept the default settings for each game, there probably wouldn't be a competitive community worth talking about. On top of that, the game would always be AR starts and we wouldn't be having this conversation. The devs will have to make the game so it's fair across the board or they will hear it from the world how much the game sucks. If it's AR City, then the numbers will show that and they'll have to address it in a timely fashion instead of "soon" in order for people to stay on board. Either tweak all the weapons or pick a different one to use that will make the game more fair. We saw what happened when you let the guns suck 6+ months after release and one gun rules them all. The only numbers we have to go by are what the pros have done. They are going to use the pistol more than the AR because it's going to be the better weapon over the AR anyways, and they have the motor skills to use it effectively. The things the general population need to know in order to make an educated statement towards what should be used is how easy each weapon is to use. We know the beta AR was OP as hell. Some people know what the post-beta AR is like, but the majority of us do not because we haven't played with it, so we are just speculating with what we have seen and the word of others.
  3. Am I just explaining this poorly. I'm not lobbying for a new starting weapon or anything like that. It's literally a weapon they could use to better their skills. It's just a weapon to pick up off the map which would be a cross between the AR and DMR. One bullet at a time, but auto, and it can reach farther than just arms length. I get that this is a thread about the starting weapons, but I'm not trying to get this to be a starting weapon. It was just an thought about a unique weapons in the sandbox. Arena isn't all "hardcore" either. It's the traditional 4v4 game types and there are going to be non-competitive people playing in the Arena. Idk about you guys, but I'd rather have thumbless player with a competent weapon they might be able to control at more than just close range vs a thumbless player who only has the AR at spawn and can't use a pistol.
  4. So giving them a weapon that would help them understand the importance of being able to use precision weapons vs spray weapons is a bad thing? Even when that weapon is weaker than the rest of the precisions? Anyone inside a competitive playlist who takes it remotely seriously would know it's underpowered vs other, so whether it's in the competitive playlists is irrelevant. I also wasn't even talking about the competitive playlists in the first place, just the general game. I understand not catering to casuals, but that isn't catering. Catering is what we're getting with Sprint because the fly by night Halo player wants it to play like every Modern shooter regardless of how the game is supposed to play. Compromising and not making every precision weapon with range require individual trigger pulls is hardly bending to what they want. There is no way to easily transfer from an AR with Radar and no mic to a BR/Pistol/DMR, no radar, and communication other than to just go through the grind. Casual people don't want to grind, they want to have fun. So give them a stepping stone to where they can learn at least how to grow thumbs if they want rather than just stay where they are. The only issue I see with the gun is creating another utility rifle. One (or more) current utility rifles should get crossed off the list. There are too many already in my mind, but whatever. People want variety.
  5. I've always been an advocate of making a weapon similar to the Lancer from Gears. It's an automatic, but precision at the same time. Just make it weaker than other precisions and require more than one bullet to finish with a headshot. That would be a great stepping stone for people who can't use non-autos and it would be completely unique from what we've had before. (I'm assuming no bloom since the Needle Rifle was similar, but the bloom made it pointless to fire full auto)
  6. Oh man... I didn't know that either. I know what I'm going to do to troll next time I'm dicking around.
  7. You would probably have less people quitting out because they actually are playing the game they want to play. And we would actually have the game, exactly the way it was launched, like we were promised. Not a broken port of a broken port that gets updates every 3 months that completely change and break the game in new ways.
  8. In the sense that Legendary Slayer was "Classic Halo" in H4, amirite?
  9. I'm hoping that BTB is the Arena version of Warzone. Any by that I mean it's competitive in a sense (two teams, no AI, no reqs, no perks/loadouts/whatever, and FF on), but it does have the vehicular warfare that Warzone boasts about. Basically classic BTB
  10. Well when people don't like the direction the game is going before it comes out, they hope for the next best thing. When all you want to do is play Halo and the next Halo coming out isn't good by your own personal standards, then you hope the next one will be better.
  11. Can it be done... Yes. Anything can be done when it comes to speaking about linking existing tech. The problem is it probably wouldn't be free. Someone would have to host a server for everyone to connect to, and maybe even a MS server, which they definitely wouldn't let people use without making some kind of profit. That is, unless someone can make an app that only tries to do system linking like Gears has. Then you could just select the game from a menu and run it through the app to connect to others playing the same game.
  12. Right, that's what I was saying. The maps are designed for the game the way it is now. If the idea that was proposed were to be implemented, it wouldn't work. I agree. But I feel it would be a better system than it is now. Using sprint would make difficult jumps easier like in Reach. I think we're saying the same thing from different angles. I was merely speaking in hypothetical terms. I know nothing is going to change in the game. I don't even know if it would work, but I like the idea of limiting people rather than just giving someone a cool down. What I mean by "abusing" the abilities is always using them. Sure each one has a cool down, but you can take the exact same mentality into every fight... peek shot, then thrust into cover when you're losing, wait for your shields to recharge, repeat. Making it so people have to move or grab a recharge capsule or whatever would mean you can't just keep doing the same thing in the same spot over and over and over, thus increasing map movement, reducing camping (if capsules are placed in intelligent locations). Are there drawbacks to this... probably, but it's just a cool thought @@Gobias put out there that I feel would have been better than what we are getting.
  13. Obviously just getting rid of them would be better, but if they are going to be in the game, making it so people can't abuse them would be a good idea. Of course the maps and everything would have to be tooled to work with that aspect, and maybe Midship wouldn't even be a good design choice, but hypothetically speaking, if it were considered and actually tooled with, then it would actually make sense. I personally liked the idea. I'd change a few things, but then again, I don't develop the game and it's a pointless thing to consider because 343 is insistent on making the game as similar to other games as they can, so it won't happen for H5 or even H6,7,8...32 or whatever number or name they are going to get to before 343 kills off Halo completely.
  14. That's what I'm thinking. People are just going to use whichever gun is easiest to use because it'll be able to kill just as fast as the difficult weapons.
  15. With those times, I would say it's just a matter of range and difficulty then. There isn't enough difference between the TTK to really make a difference in which one you spawn with. If the AR is easy to use, then I definitely see a problem spawning with it. We won't know that until we get our hands on it though.
  16. I haven't paid attention in about 2-3 months. Life has been more important than H5. What are the current weapon settings with regards to time and shots it takes to kill? My opinion is if the Pistol is the 4sk people are speaking about and the time is sub 1 second, that should be good enough to be the starting precision weapon and Pistol/AR starts would work fine. (If the SMG is weaker than the AR, I would use the SMG as the starting weapon so the more powerful one gets picked off the map) If the Pistol is weak, then it doesn't need to be in the game and we should use BRs like always. It's spread seemed minimal and it was powerful enough to do the trick. The DMR just seem like it would be a poor choice all around. It has a slower kill time than the pistol and BR if I remember correctly, and it would allow people to sit back the whole game and pick off cross maps shots. Not the most exciting thing to watch or play.
  17. Agreed, they are too small to give decent options for respawns imo. Maybe they could work for a doubles playlist, but apparently 343 still doesn't understand that people actually like doubles and would be happy with it at launch. Perhaps some forgers will create bigger maps capable of decent 4v4 gameplay on that palate though.
  18. Why is literally everything an animation? I know some animations are cool and all, but it's literally just taking people away from the game for a period of time. Before I know it, it's going to have a green shower where you have to use soap and shampoo to apply the Overshield. It's a little nuts. I feel like this also means we won't be able to nade them around the map like CE or other power weapons.
  19. Ah, I haven't kept up with HTT. I was waiting for all the episodes to come out so I didn't have to wait a week between episodes to find out what happens. All the while, Escalations is taking place (if my timeline is correct). He's not just sitting there not doing anything for 8 months. All I've ever heard is how the Spartans feel at home in their suits, so I'm sure the time they had to upgrade it isn't exactly abundant.
  20. It's not so much as "I wanted no spartan abilities" as it is a chance to incorporate both old and new styles of gameplay into the game. They are all about appeasing the masses, and having the S-II be the Traditional Spartan like they always were was pretty much a golden opportunity to appease both old and new players. A part of me was holding onto the hope they would have taken that opportunity and they might have just been waiting to reveal that part at E3 as part of a fan service or something like that.
  21. That's it. Just 1 sentence that says it has been updated. With all the effort they've put into the lore so far with HTT and Escalation, I feel they could have put a little more into it than that.
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