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  1. Im back after moving into my new house with a vid I'm very proud to share with you guys. All 2v2 ce montage like the classics! I took my time on this one and although I'm no zola i think this thing turned out pretty nice and i think the gameplay compliments it well... and i hope you guys feel the same way. Appreciate you watching and if you enjoyed, give me a like , comment, and for the new guys sub me for more! P.S. Next week will also be the start of my season 2 highlights episodes!
  2. I digged it dudeeee.. music was cool with the gameplay
  3. At this point i play halo too much lol And due to that, i get a decent amount of entertaining/informative gameplays that i hope you guys enjoy watching. I present you!
  4. 2v2 Damnation. Just shot at the random spawn... and got lucky????? lol
  5. Ive been knowing Boomr00 on and offline since mlg 07 when I had h2fr's from around the country at my house lanning classic halo, getting drunk lol, and just generally having a good time. Since then he's become one of my best friends and best partners in halo. We used to smash in reach, halo 4, and now I've taught him the ropes of halo ce. He's gotten some sick gameplay presented in this video and its a shame that due to his financial situation at the moment, he can't spare the money for an xbox one. He's acquired all footage from when he comes by to play at my house. I know exactly what its like to be in this situation, being that my parents couldn't afford clothes for me , much less a 360 or registration to mlg back in the day. With that said I'm trying to get a fundraiser going to get him an xbox one and mcc, and hopefully after seeing some footage from him you'll wanna donate even 5 bucks to the cause to see what he's capable of. I believe that by the time halo 5 comes out...with the help from you guys that he can go pro. Thanks for your consideration. https://www.gofundme.com/Boomr00xboxo...
  6. i haven't even noticed ... only cause its been over a year since i planned original ... but i will say i get mighty pissed off when I'm trying to rocket behind a guy and it auto aims to his face ...rageeeee
  7. I'm confused... are you talking about anti mag? and you can't split screen?
  8. are you gonna make any mcc ce tages? Or any more ce tages for that matter? It'd be nice!
  9. Exactly... I always hated when people used that slow effect all wrong and it turned into a frameblending mess lol
  10. Showing off some sprees in ce 2s and 3s along with some nice plays in ....h2c for once lol. Decided to get back into h2c hardcore this week and i amazingly got it back in a single day. Prepare for more nasty h2c clips in the future... i pulled off some nasty stuff going in our upcoming teamtage. Make sure to take a look over at the Lost In Time channel on Wednesday for a special dualtage from myself and another ALSO... looking for people to scrim 2s with for the upcoming tournament on the 25th! gt- Lts BiG BaLL3s gt- Don Miiguel
  11. awesome ! appreciate that big time
  12. BiGBaLL3s Youtube obviously I'm not pro but I've been consistently posting videos every week for the past 20 or so weeks mostly halo ce I've been gaining subs slowly but surely Also, im in a group for mostly but not limited to classic halo ...ce ... h2c Lost In Time Youtube
  13. smitherz don't you dare! its not so frustrating anymore!

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