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  1. I know this is like extremely early, but do we have an ETA on when the first DLC is supposed to drop? More importantly, has Bravo or anyone said anything about this first playlist update and what will be added. Lastly, will Warzone be the only "Social" playlist and everything else ranked? Don't get me wrong I love Arena and I'm having a blast I just have some buddies who aren't at my level so all I can play with them is Warzone and that gets old pretty quick. Thanks for any info.
  2. So after seeing the likes of Hysteria, Fearitself, Strongside and others coming back to Halo and competing in this last event are there any predictions (if this game holds up to the hype) of any other former pros making a comeback? And is so are there any you'd like a chance to team with again or for the first time?
  3. So basically you're saying a handicapped kid can't compete if he can't play with a regular controller?
  4. I agree for the most part that these controllers shouldn't be allowed at events. But how do you prevent people from using them at online qualifiers? Which I think is an important issue. Also, my buddy has a condition where he doesn't have use of all his fingers. He is an amazing player now that we got him a custom scuf, so should he be allowed to use his controller at an event or no?
  5. I'm sure we've all experienced playing with or against someone who owns a modded controller, it's not exactly fair to say the least. So my concern is that it will only be a matter of time before companies learn how manipulate the Halo 2 glitches and make a controller that allows the buyer to Dub shot/trip shot. etc with ease. Curious what everyone thinks.
  6. I figured as much, and would rather that they didn't tamper with it. Both Frank O'Connor and Dan Ayoub only stated that it'd be available for H2A, and didn't specifically state that it would only be used on the 6 remade maps. Thanks.
  7. Has this been confirmed? The only thing that I've heard is that H2A will have forge, but no one has specifically said if it will only be able to be used on the 6 remade maps or all of them.
  8. It all depends what his contract states, which we will never know. I doubt Bungie would part ways with someone like Marty for no reason. There is always a reason.
  9. Halo 4 remake with an even less nerfed boltshot, bigger maps. more sprint and even less of a skill gap...
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