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  1. hey i'm a long time halo fan and played nearly every halo. I just sold my xbox one because i was barely using it anymore. Sometimes i want to play halo 3 on my 360 but it takes a long time to find matches wich are most of the time really laggy (EU). Now i am thinking about getting a copy of Halo: Wars because i was never really playing it (played halo 3 until reach came out, came back to h3 tho ) I would probably enjoy playing the multiplayer part the most. - is the population of the game still decent so that i can play online? - is there a splitscreen 1v1 mode in the game? if so, is it any good? - can i play it offline coop? thank you
  2. access to spartan companies ingame, not just on waypoint.com
  3. i play on a monitor so no one of you noticed a small time frase between moving the stick and actually aiming.... either i just imagine the lag because the game feels so heavy or im going crazy :goat:
  4. i feel like there is some lag from the point you press a button, until the action actually happens. i thought i will get used to it pretty quickly but i still have at some points in the game issues hitting my target... is no one having this problem as well? because i never saw someone talking about it
  5. hilarious video! i heard you saying something about your last big project, you wont stop making videos, do u???
  6. any chance we will have DMR as a starting weapon? i think it feels much better than the BR in this game :/
  7. So, in today was a Xbox Event in Germany orginized by Microsoft. The Event was about to pormote the new Halo 5 Guardians. They said there would be an halo 5 tournament going on. My friends and me were totally hyped because there arent much of these events in germany. in the end the event was a total flop: we had to wait one our in fornt of the location until the the first people could go in. we couldnt get our baggage storraged so we had to take them with us all the time. the room was way to small for all people. the ''free buffet and drinks'' was one little table were you got a sausage and a coca cola. and if this wasnt enough, the halo tournament got cancelled bbecuase 'the multiplayer isn ready yet''. so they said if we wait one more hour there would be an fifa tournament, so we waited. one our laiter this tournament got also canceled. so my question: are the events in the USA as bad orginized as ours? all the people there were frustated and i think instead of getting people to buy this game, it gave them one more reason to not buy it. really frustating did my best in writing it down in english..
  8. Gamertag - niK xbL mostly playin execution or tdm, lets team up!
  9. there was nothing like canceling your wallbounce in gears1
  10. it actually is the game i have/had the most fun to play on the xbox one. pretty hyped for the full game to release. hope its gonna be popular in the competetive scene B)
  11. https://gearsofwar.com register for the gears beta!
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