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  1. I didn't really play halo that competitive,but I just loved watching the halo 4 tournaments and they were the only thing keeping me slightly interested in the game
  2. nfe


    It's nice to see a cod player on the forms builds up both communities were all family
  3. So if you haven't heard by now there is going to be a new halo game called "Halo Spartan Assault" witch will only be available on windows 8 devices (pc,tablets,phones) So do you think is this good idea for them to do as we know windows 8 is one of the worst if the worst windows operating system to date. I could under stand the phone/tablet side even though they could improve there profits largely if they but it on ios and android as well .But as a pc game only supporting one operating system and the worst operating system on the market was a smart move and will people buy a new tablet/phone or operating system just to play this game thoughts?
  4. nfe


    Good to see you on the forms
  5. I fell every thing I tally that 343 has done is what should of happened before the game went on sale so i'm glad they are doing all this but it should of been in the game already
  6. Thanks for all the time you have put into the maps fyi they are some what pure beauty
  7. This is a great idea to help the community grow and help people get they name out there for being good at what they do
  8. So I was wondering with the new update out today do you think 343 has won back your trust after what they did in making of halo 4, or do you think they would cock it up again in halo 5 or whatever they next halo could be?
  9. Hi im nfe I love halo I have been playing since reach (So I don't remember the good old days ) but i am a huge competitive fan I watch all the tournaments and try and support the community the best I can. I haven't been playing halo that much recently but I really want to get back into it now with v4 coming out and now the 4 shoot is here (and I hope it should stay that was 343!) I also have a youtube which I just started up for fun i post halo content also I will be doing other games in the near future :lol: Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrThenfe Twiiter: https://twitter.com/the_NFE Gamer tag : theNFE
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