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  1. No affiliation over here, but if I was, I wouldn't give you a warning. I came here for a friendly discussion, but all I'm getting is sarcastic rebuttals. Sad.
  2. Now you are just going off the rails lol.
  3. I was talking to my brother about what went wrong with Halo 5 for most casuals and the reasons why they dropped it. I said that the addition of Spartan Charge and ground pound was a big mistake and the automatic weapons were to powerful. Now I believe if Halo Infinite was Identical to Halo 5 gameplay wise minus SC, GP and OP automatic weapons, the game would be "good" at release.Of course the maps and ranking system are also really important factors f the success of Infinite. I don't think sprint will not be in Infinite and IMO 343 did a good job with sprint in Halo 5. It's been awhile since I've posted here on these forums so someone please let me know if this idea was brought up. What if during a game, get access a certain perks as you reach a certain spree of kills. Once you die, you reset to zero perks active. Now, I know how we all feel about Spartan Abilities, but what if these perks were so subtle, it wouldn't seem like your player has an unfair advantage. Perk examples that I would put in the game. 1. 3 kill Spree - Grenade hitmarkers 2. 5 kill spree - 5%-10% movement speed when holding an objective. 3. 7 kill spree - Extended magazine for precision weapons in hand. These are just a few ideas that come to mind that I think would add little more meta to the gameplay. Players will now start to play around accessing perks that will give them a slight edge on their opponents and the focus is now heightened to take out players on sprees. I know its a little to late for throwing ideas at developer for Infinite. I just wanted to know the thoughts on this idea from you all.
  4. You are getting too emotional. I want Halo to succeed like everyone else here. I'm not rejecting Halo Infinite returning to classic Halo we all know and love. I'm more concerned about the major market, "not the Halo loyals", embracing classic Halo and sticking around.
  5. Tbh, I've heard about it, but I'm not hyped about it due too the lack of marketing on 343s end. To add to that, I'm expecting issues. I've also haven't been on the forums for ages so I don't know the reaction to MCC PC from everyone active here.
  6. Halo 5 was a game designed for player empowerment. The radar has always been a staple to Halo in some capacity so I won’t be surprised if the new radar we were given in H5 returns for Infinite, unless we have less Spartans Abilities. Me personally, I felt that Halo 5 would have been amazing from the start if ground pound and spartan charge was never a thing. I don’t want to get into a sprint debate, but I think Halo 5 did a good job making sprint tolerable. My favorite game will always be classic Halo 2. The last thing I will ask everyone, do you really think there is still a market for classic Halo? Things have changed since 2003.
  7. I'm not sure if this has been talked about, but we will probably be losing some of our pro player talent to CoD BLOP4. Shotzzy said on stream multiple times that he will be competing in it. Renegade, Eco, Stellur have also been grinding off stream to prepare for the new game. I'm sure Frosty wants to at least play in the first event for BLOP4.
  8. Frosty mentioned in his stream after the tournament that Splyce are extremely hard to beat if you don't keep pressure and map control on them, Once Splyce has control over a game they will 9.5 times out of 10 win that game. The first series in the Grand Finals, TOX were playing uber aggressive and ended up sweeping. TOX issue was that they reverted back to their old style of play in the 2nd series. They may have thought Splyce was tilted and let off on the gas. Still credit to Splyce for their composure. They know they're better and it translates to their confident gameplay.
  9. Lethul is irreplaceable. He is one of the best if not the best when it comes to map positioning. There's never a time in a game where I watch Lethul's POV and say to myself, "he could be doing more right now". The only knock on him right now is that he loses the most 1v1's on his squad against the top teams, but his shot is still really good regardless. Neptune has the gunskill to run with Splyce and TOX, but I haven't seen enough of him to say his in game sense is on par with those players. Maybe he just needs to be given a chance.
  10. The only thing set in stone with Ninja is that he will never compete in Halo again. I was in his stream sometime last week and someone asked him about returning to Halo 6 and he said, "I will most likely play it, but not for very long so I can focus on my main game(whatever that may be at the time). He going to give it a chance. Ninja dislikes 343 more than he does modern Halo.
  11. This. I don't know what REC can do to make their roster better with what is available outside the top 3 teams. If it were possible I would pick up Respectful, but there's no chance of that happening.
  12. Tripppey played great the entire event. NV should at least stick it out for another event. No reason to change the roster right now. However, REC need to make some adjustments imo.
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