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  1. Haven't played the game in a month, sounds like it's still having major issues.
  2. I honestly just want a social playlist like team training or social slayer. Especially when I have nobody on and have to go in solo or to2 and play to4 onyx in arena all day which is no fun and mentally exhausting. As stated by various members in here sounds like Warzone is a trainwreck with matching full parties so I'll stay away from that. Does 343i assume that only kids and younger adults with no obligations play this game? I don't know about you guys, but I'm an adult that has responsibilities and obligations that prevent from playing this game 8+ hours a day (not that I could anyway) Why do I play the sweatiest people everytime I get on? Most of the time when I get on it's after work and daily activities (going to gym, family time) for maybe a hour or two a day before I go to bed. Some nights this game is hardly tolerable with state of matchmaking.
  3. I think most of the topics on here are extremely constructive and thought out with how to make this game better and more competitive. Then you have IcePrincess talking about something non-constructive (opening REQ packs and metallic bands) that adds nothing to the conversation. I usually just scroll down when she posts something. On the topic of sprint; with how the maps are designed for this game. The maps are built around the gimmicks. So if the competitive community wants to take out sprint we can't have most of the vanilla maps and will have to forge (which wouldn't be a bad idea) I personally enjoy this game on a casual level and find it enjoyable to play with friends. When you play higher tier and competitive players that's when the issues start to appear. Radar,Sprint, thruster packs, OP autos and extreme bullet magnetism on all the guns make this game extremely difficult to play on a competitive level and take seriously.
  4. Not sure about your situation, but I never seem to have trouble finding a game when I'm playing with silver, gold, platinum players on my team and I'm 1700 onyx in Arena. Your issues with restricting skill argument would be more in line to someone that's champion rather than just onyx. I can find a game when I go in alone or going in with all different divisions. I do agree that the population is smaller, but from my experience you can still match with silver and above depending who's on your team. It was actually pretty funny yesterday as my to4 who are all platinum and below. I was the only onyx and we matched 2 onyx players. But hey I don't take this game too seriously because it's going to flop in the competitive scene because of 343i ignorance. I just like to pub stomp and play with friends and I have no desire to play with "pros" or match them.
  5. Along with @@Batchford, this is how I feel when IcePrincess posts something..........
  6. Yeah I played "competitive" and hardcore settings since Halo 2, never got into HCE unfortunately. I personally found them all fun and balanced up until Halo 4. Even though I think Halo 5 has potential, I don't think 343i will do enough to cater to the competitive community.
  7. I agree, the game isn't fun to play at competitive level. I used to be hyped and excited playing with/against pros in H3/Reach in matchmaking/GB. Now it's like well......cool I guess, Hopefully this stacked to4 when I go in solo or in 2's doesn't wreck me too bad. Maybe because I'm older and don't have the drive to play 8 hours a day anymore? The competitiveness is still there for me, but I don't have the drive to go into theater and analyze every single thing I could've done right or wrong and keep improving. I just want to play and chill from a long day at work.
  8. I only do this against teams, but I guess if you don't want to match certain players try it also. I've doing this now for the past few weeks and it's improved my matchmaking experience not sure about any else.
  9. I personally don't mind the game on a casual level, once you start playing competitive and upper tier players the issues start appearing which is quite often. I only have a set amount of time to play which is around 1-2 hours a night if I'm lucky. It's fun to play with friends just because of the social aspect, but I can't see the whole fuss about it being catered towards "competitive" gaming when it has so many glaring issues with it on that level.
  10. Maybe the parameters are different in Warzone? I only play arena (usually in 2's) never matched against anyone I've blocked, but then again I only play for maybe a 1 or 2 hours a day. So I can't test out this hypothesis for a longer time. Can anyone test this out in Arena and see if it works? I heard it worked for the MCC but I never played the game.
  11. I've never matched up with people after I've blocked them. Did you block the whole party or just certain GT's? Usually I just block the whole party and submit a negative player review.
  12. If I know I'm playing against a to4 when I'm searching solo or in 2's I block them. I'm 1700 in onyx and don't have any problems finding another game. The funny thing is, it's just so obvious when you play against to4 compared to randoms when you compare your stats and the overall matchmaking experience. Example, I matched against Mackeo and his sweaty team when my buddy and I were searching in 2's (no surprise honestly) obviously we lost big time because we had teammates go way negative and I'm pretty sure our randoms were searching alone by deductive reasoning. How is that fair to them or us to play against a team? Obviously I blocked them, the next game started getting good and close games again. See a trend? @@Pyroteq I think this is a good solution for your warzone matchmaking issue (well one of them), if you just block certain players in warzone you won't match up with them again.
  13. I've never played warzone and now I know why. I understand the REQ system, but what happened to balance? Why doesn't both teams start off with a tank, warthog, mantis etc. That's what Halo was built on. I can remember some of the best btb LAN games on blood gulch, coagulation, sidewinder etc. All these buying packs and being able to use them is all random based and not who has the best map control and teamwork. I haven't even played campaign for this game. Most of the arena games I've played on here have the sweatiest to4 I've ever seen. Example I'm an onyx in arena and in my party is a diamond and two platinum which are laid back casual players, so we match up against to4 of onyx and diamond, of course my team gets dominated and everyone in the party besides me had no idea what happened. If I wanted to match those kind of players I wouldn't have played with them and got better players in my lobby. Then I go in by myself later that day on a 1700 onyx and match platinums?
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