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  1. Self-titled. LF team for online and LAN events. 24/MD Been playing since H2, don't need no backpack. Available at night, and most evenings. HMU. GT: T4k3aBr4k3
  2. CHECK IN ugh just noticed T4k3aBr4k3 im on the game just tel me whatserver
  3. some ppl view cheats and exploits as a legit way to play the game... getting hit offline is doodoo, cant be proven, but when there is a 20-10 spread in a tournament, noone just quits out of a match. i guess it is worse to me that you still managed the W after that and it is still considered a loss... ultimately, sore losing on their part but what can you do?
  4. spotty connection, bleeps, janky movement. its the quirks of online vs LAN. like i said, im not mad.
  5. had yellow bar all throughh our last match but it's the way it goes, no hard feelings with it.
  6. Team Name: YOLO SWAG Gamertag 1: T4k3aBr4k3 Gamertag 2: Adanite Stream: Twitch.tv/T4k3aBr4k3
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