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  1. well ofcourse they have, getting top 6 is the equivalent of getting top 8 last worlds
  2. I wonder if Tapping Buttons is gonna stay on an NA AM team or is gonna go after the LATAM spot
  3. its not that expensive to pay for travel for mostly british people to a event in england
  4. to be fair, ping doesnt really matter in 3 out of the 5 games you listed there
  5. I didn't pay attention to scrims last season, is it normal for Pulse to dominate in scrims or have the roster changes really helped them out?
  6. yeah Power Gaming, they also sponsored a relatively succesful finnish cs team back when they still existed
  7. So how's 2050 chatt doing? Are the brackets posted anywhere?
  8. is there any chance of halo returning to insomnia or is it not happening anymore?
  9. I wonder if CE players ever tried to talk with smash TOs about holding some open CE LANs at their tournaments
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