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  1. I have been kicked twice too... I already stopped playing it haha
  2. It has just been announced that Firefight will be added to Halo 5 at some point along with other things. A picture is also shown with all updates on with one showing something to do with Reach. The link is here - https://news.xbox.com/2016/02/24/new-halo-5-guardians-free-content-detailed-as-hammer-storm-launches-today/
  3. I'm not sure if anyone else has already made a post about this already but I have been having issues with theatre which have I have only just come across in the past few days. I've got two clips that I wanted to go back to in theatre to record on my Elgato. The clips I got were in the new CTF social playlist and I ended up joining both of the games around half way in to them and when I go back into theatre it only allows me to view the game up until the point I join and then it ends, or it goes through the whole game but says that I never joined. As well as this sometimes when I click on the game I want to watch it doesn't start and won't let me watch it. Anyone else having these issues or know how to fix it?
  4. I have a few clips like overkills and others that aren't very good they are just leftover and cool clips I want to just use in some sort of an edit/mini highlights video. If anyone can edit and has spare time to then let me know so I can send my clips to you. The clips aren't that good so bare that in mind.
  5. So glad they killed off those two kids, especially the one who shot Carl in the face. Also... Rick and Michonne, I did not see that one coming haha
  6. No idea, it would be interesting to know though. I have replayed some people once or twice but i'm EU so...
  7. This may have already been posted but just incase anyone didn't know you can edit your online H5 spartan now https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us#customize-h5
  8. Agree with everything said here! Doubt they will add in a playlist such as social slayer or change the ranking system now as its probably quite a tricky job. I think it would be a lot better if they took out monthly resets but who know what they will do. Either way the ranking system in this is a step forward!
  9. i like the ranking system but the resets are kinda annoying... imagine getting top 200 and they reset you after a month! Hope they add something in to show the highest rank achieved or something
  10. just go early in the morning. im going to the midnight launch so i can download the update whilst im asleep
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