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  1. I usually stream the Team Doubles playlist, but now that it is gone, HCS playlist will do until it returns! twitch.tv/Vice http://www.twitch.tv/vice
  2. What do we do if the other team is an hour late for our match and now wants to play?
  3. Hero

    Film Discussion

    Do yourself a favor and go see American Sniper. Probably my favorite movie in a long time. Bradley Cooper does an amazing job at playing Chris Kyle, it's like looking at a ghost.
  4. Oh here I thought this was a section discussing Halo 5, not anime, silly me.
  5. BREAKING NEWS: Riots in Ferguson, MO going on right now over long matchmaking wait times. Witnesses claim to hear a faint sound of what they describe as "chanting infused with sweet sounds of electric guitars", in the background of this madness.
  6. I tried it again =p xboxdvr.com/PrevaiL%20Hero/01f8ed33-9eda-46c5-af2d-c9983559614d
  7. huh? xboxdvr.com/PrevaiL%20Hero/113bb874-5e1d-44df-8812-042d503759e8
  8. I'm going to try and get a refund. Then just get it for Xmas or something, maybe by then it'll be fixed. (probably not)
  9. My partner and I are looking for another to2 to team with for future HCS online tournaments, or local LANs if you are in the Pittsburgh area. We've been playing together since H2. Not ruling out going to events, just want to make sure we have chemistry and good teamwork. You can add either of us and we can run some scrims or matchmaking (when it gets fixed). GTs: PrevaiL Hero PrevaiL Bandit
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