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  1. Might as well add this to the list stats freezing / not registering anything such as kills/deaths/assist/wins. The only thing that moves is your rank but the second you turn your Xbox off it goes right back to the rank you were at when your stats froze. Me and a couple of other people I know how this issue with are game. Try to reinstall, redownload profile everything under the sun. Nothing works, I think 343 are the only ones that can resolve this issue.
  2. And my stats are still frozen / not register a whole week later. Tweeted at them and nothing.
  3. I feel like the Team Doubles playlist would be golden if it had... - Ranks - Static timers - Timer notifiers on all powerups/weapons. And the map pool being this. Cobalt Empire Hanger Hazard Molten Plaza Purple Reign Shurima The Rig Truth Tyrant * Optic Prison has potential but the map only needs a different weapon/power up layout *Malta just isn't good and consist of spawning in one area.
  4. My MCC stats are completely frozen and same for some other people I know. No stats count such as kills/deaths/assist/wins the only thing that goes up is my rank but the second I shut it off and come back the next day my rank is the same as i started yesterday lol. I don't really know how to fix this issue.
  5. You mean people will barely be playing Halo 5 in the Fall.
  6. Those no good crops can't runaway forever.
  7. Don't forget some actual good dedicated servers not Halo 5's arena servers.
  8. lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoyM0ErGz0A
  9. BTB & Warzone can be fun since you don't get automatic'd every time but yeah 4v4 is cancerous.
  10. 343 spent more time on idle animations then on there maps confirmed
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