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  1. How messy and or annoying are the wires? How satisfied are you with the audio adapter? I'm deciding between the Astro A40's with the mixamp and the Turtle Beach XP Sevens. They are similarly priced, but at this moment I'm leaning towards the Astros because I can get a 3 year warranty for them from Best Buy, I'm pretty sure EB Games does not offer a warranty like this
  2. So your suggestion would be Siberia V2s + the $120 astro mixamp? I'm starting to look for headsets with bluetooth for dual audio which should allow me to stream music from my iphone to the headset while playing games.
  3. I'm wanting to get a good gaming headset for the XB1 that also work with the PC, and after finding out I can play games and listen to music from my PC/iPhone while gaming on a console using the Astro Mixamp, I'm now curious if anything else offers something similar which might be cheaper? I am slightly worried about sinking $250 into something that I've been told can be broken out of box, and generally breaks fairly easy which is why you need an extended warranty. I have looked at the Razer Krakens which look decent but I have no idea if they have something similar that allows dual audio or if there is a 3rd party product that offers something similar.
  4. I am leaning towards them being evolved from the Halo 3 equipment, turning them into a equipment-AA hybrid, some of which could have a usage counter and stops working after depletion and they do not regenerate usage. Others would or could be a 1-time use or have costs for using them. But most if not all should be map-pickup only.
  5. I'm kind of new here, and from my personal view point, I'm in between a competitive player and a casual player, I like my games to have a certain level of competition but not to the point where I have to be firing on all cylinders, but I get the sense many if not most of the more competitive crowed dislike how AA's are now and how they were in Reach. I just feel they make games less fun when you 'round a corner only to find someone 10 feet in the air shooting down at you, and I find it less competitive, which is why I wanted to ask anyone interested in replying how you all feel. In addition to that, I would like everyone interested in voting on this to visit my thread on Halo Waypoint on how AA's should be handled for the next Halo game; link below. https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postsm2692759_Should-The-Next-Halo-Have-AA-s.aspx#post2692759
  6. You interested? :gandhi: Wow, awesome smilies, when I hit the icon expecting the normal ones I was pleasantly surprised.
  7. Awesome! I'm glad you are interested in writing a story for the event. It's a hell of a lot of fun to read various stories, last event we had some amazing submissions and if you really do love Halo lore while waiting for the next novels to be released, the fanfic submissions will likely catch your eyes.
  8. Hello! I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum section, but I just wanted to ask the team at BeyondEnt if they were interested in participating in a Creative Writing Event I'm hosting with 343i's Jessica Shea (I will link you to the previous event we worked on together). If anyone from BeyondEnt is interested in participating in any way please message me back or tweet me @ReclaimerKen, I would give you my skype email through twitter or PM here if it helps. What I'm looking for is a blog post for general publicity of the event, and if you are willing to provide any prizes for the event that would be amazing as well! (If you provide prizes I would make sure there would be a good shoutout to Beyond Entertainment via blog post from 343i covering the event, giving good advertisement to your community/site while giving anything you can provide as simple prizes, being autographs of halo stuff from various pros or anything that's relatively cheap but provides sentimental meaning to the Halo community.) Link to previous event: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst203837_Halo-Community-Creative-Writing-Event.aspx So once again, sorry if this is in the wrong forum section, I am trying to contact the good folks here at Beyond Entertainment regarding creative writing event and I wasn't able to find any way to directly message them. With that said please tell me what you think? I'm trying to achieve a good community event relation with the general Halo populous and I think it would be awesome if the competitive crowed was interested in this as well.
  9. I like the update but I'm finding 4v4 infinity slayer overly imbalanced with personal ordinance. And I hate the Boltshot, I swear people were killing me with the old distance like it used to be able to.
  10. Is that across all gametypes and playlists? One of my biggest issues with Halo 4 has been random spawns, I've played Complex, had a Ghost boost right at me while red-barred and a global ordinance spawned rockets on their Ghost and killed them. It was hilarious for all of 5 seconds when I realized how mad that person must have been when he died because of an in-game mechanic that should not have done what it did. Personal issue aside, I had always wished for static neutral spawns, and 343i never really touched on this so I'm really curious.
  11. I do watch streams, my problem is that their callouts can be so fast it's hard to understand them. My ideal vision would be having an overview of the maps with lists of callouts as well as weapon locations and spawns, but specifically not just focusing on pro game types but also general playlist/game type locations as well. What I'm saying is if there are different static weapon spawns between throwdown/infinity/super slayer then it would go a long way for the community as a whole to be able to easily find the info here, learn and get better. It would greatly help new people to Halo/players trying to get more competitive if they could just come to this site, find a dropdown tab and see a bunch of important info that's easy to register go from there.
  12. So! I'm obviously new here, but this is a good start for me, I joined THC a good 5 months ago and found their forums rather hard to deal with, with no-constructive replies and whatnot and I hope this forum can aspire to be a wonderful source of news, guides/help and a great community. With that said, I'm curious if we can make requests/suggestions. Personally, I have always had problems with callouts, I know the general ones but I never had an effective way to learn the more important ones, and I've also had massive issues with weapon timing in H4 due to the craptacular random global ordinance; with the new update, are the weapon spawns static? I would like to see some info on all this, because I miss having to secure locations for weapon spawn times.
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