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  1. I dont know about you guys, but ive been playing 7 inner AND 7 outer and it feels fantastic
  2. Shout out to everyone who devoted time just to try to find the issue with heavy aim.
  3. i dont know if the anti aliasing has anything to do with the "input sampling". Heres the wiki to sampling. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sampling_(signal_processing)
  4. Looking for a team for some online cups. GT: BobDaOstrich
  5. Hmu Gt: Bob Da Ostrich. Onyx 2122 in slayer.
  6. hey are you guys playing tonight? My discord name is BobDaOstrich.
  7. yea i did, had a lot of fun. send me an invite when you guys are on.
  8. man its taking like 10 minutes to find i game. i dont know whats wrong. tried resetting build and my internet.
  9. anyone else having trouble finding games tonight? im around 1700 onyx
  10. Had lots of fun playing the Evolved Halo 5 settings. I might be on tonight. if i am, ill be down for customs again.
  11. just played a game on Molten and everyone rushed and camped the room next to sniper with the brute plasma rifle. The assault rifle is fine, but all other autos need a nerf bad. Im so sick of them
  12. Lol, i signed on to the wrong account, forgot i had this one.

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