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  1. Hello, Hello! For the first time in a very LONG time I've been able to sit down and watch a tournament from home and it's actuall quite enjoyable. OBVIOUSLY I'd rather be casting but that's not the point. Anyways, as I was watching the UMG Stream today they switched from one POV to the next POV with little hesitation. In the past I'm use to watching one POV for a longer period of time (usually until the player we are on dies) and then switch off of that player. Which do you? The fast switching or staying on one person for longer? The reason I ask this is because I want to know how to better the viewer experience for Halo 4 events.If you all could leave your feedback I'd be much appreciative. Thanks, Scott Gandhi
  2. What's up my peoples?! With Roy returning to the scene I think it's safe to say this image is accurate.
  3. ^ The only man to predict BTH losing to Slaughter House thus far.
  4. 100% This is the bracket that has the best chance to beat me.
  5. BALLLLLSY! If I lose to you I will be livid.
  6. 99.8% Positive no one will beat my bracket.
  7. What's up my peoples?! In my latest episode of Gandhi's Thoughts I challenged everyone to TRY and beat my bracket so here we go. http://challonge.com/BeyondChallenge ^Above is the top 16 seeds and my predictions. Unfortunately you are unable to edit the bracket for yourself, sorry. ****Important Notes**** 1. This is the top 16 seeds so this may not be what tournament actually looks like when it comes time for this round. 2. You are unable to edit the bracket that I have posted, sorry. If you plan on entering the challenge make your own bracket on challonge.com and COPY MY TOP 16. It is necessity to copy my top 16. The reason I chose to do the top 16 over the top 64/32 is because AM teams have an unreal ability of just not showing up to a tournament or being shady and messing up the whole bracket. The top 16 is pretty concrete at this point, so it's safe to assess the tournament from that point on. 3. I will be picking one winner for the squidgrip give away IF IF IF IF you beat me, which is impossible. 4. **SCORING*** For every match you get correct you in Round 1, you will receive 1 point (Winners Round 1 and Losers Round 1) For every match you get correct in (Winners Round 2 and Losers Round 2/3/4) You will receive 2 points. For every match you get correct in the Semi Finals (WBR3 and LBR5) you will receive 4 points. For Every Match you get correct in the WBFinals/LBFinals you will receive 8 points. And for Guessing the winner you will receive 10 points. 5. Screen shot your filled out bracket and post it in this thread. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE DONE BY SATURDAY MORNING AT 9AM EST! Don't be a pansy. Challenge the ALMIGHTY 6. Also, when you go to make your bracket IGNORE the email. All you have to do is put team names in order (1. Ambush 2. Warriors 3. SvR etc etc) and when you finally enter seputus at the 16th seed preview your bracket! 7. http://www.arenagaming.us/wp/team-lists/ - When creating your team REMOVE****** Team Cynical (9th seed) and bump everyone up One place. Seputus should be the 16th seed in your brackets. GLHF, Scott "Gandhi" Lussier @scandhi youtube.com/scottgandhi
  8. Hi everybody! First and foremost I want to give a humongous shout out to all the members on the Beyond Entertainment scene who created this layout and to everyone who donated. We could NOT have done this without you and I hope it is everything you all expected and more. One of the main things I will be doing on this site is keeping a close eye on the "Players and Recruitment" forum. I feel that this thread can be VERY beneficial if you all use it the way it's intended to be used, BUT more importantly I plan on helping out a two people a week to get their name out there. I always try to give back to the community as much as possible, so what better way than casting over a couple gameplays? Really my plan is to get a gameplay or two (from the selected individual) captured and I will cast over it. All I ask is that you don't turn into a little **** if I don't pick you. Other than that, enjoy the website and keep playing! PS: I recomment this for posting in the "Players and Recruitment" Forum : Scott "Gandhi" Lussier @Scandhi www.Youtube.com/ScottGandhi
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