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  1. Even though it was with the beam rifle, still cool breh.
  2. To anybody that has not heard of these guys, I would HIGHLY recommend giving them a listen.
  3. Quiggy

    Music Thread

    Might be seeing the Boston show. Saw him a few months ago when he was here and it was an amazing show, so I'm glad he's coming back.
  4. Not going to be a good 3ds emulator for a looooooooooong time. I think there are some guys working on one but it's pretty shit. Just drop the money on the 3ds, it'll be worth it.
  5. Starting my hunt for a shiny virizion after i take a shower. VIRIZION'S SHINY SPRITE 2GAWGEOUS.
  6. So far every generation has had its fair share of shitty designs, and all have had some amazing ones. I love a fair bit of B/Ws. I do agree with the thing about B/W1 though, was in a way a failed reboot, i still enjoyed the game but i wish there was a higher selection of pokemon available. As for the Pokemon MMO, it's not an official nintendo release (obviously) but there's a decent fan made MMO running off of the FR/LG engine, All you need is a FR/LG Rom, i'll link to the MMO download. http://pokemmo.eu/
  7. I have a feeling this is going to be a ******** nostalgia infested thread, but I'll try to post seriously I'd say go for it. Against the seemingly popular opinion the games have only gotten better over the years and i imagine the trend will continue and X&Y will be amazing games. The beginning areas of B/W1 are brutal for nuzlockes, stick it out breh.
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