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  1. I know I'm using a new game to show it and it's not the best example but Halo has pretty much always done this on some level... look at the H2A Silenced SMG... xboxdvr.com/iDrummerAVA/5a350685-c4ef-4fdf-829a-aafe694adddf Zooming has always made the "cone" tighter for weapons with random elements in particular... look at the Reach DMR even. Sure it's single-shot, but zooming has the exact same effect when you spam the trigger. Man, some of you guys are pretty freaking dense... COD and Halo are two completely different games and the way they implement zoom has always been vastly different. Halo still allows you to shoot accurately on the move... there's no movement inflicted reticule bloom so scoping is not a requirement to win battles in Halo unless you're at a much longer range, and in these cases, in H5, you would be foolish to use an SMG anyway. When you are using an SMG to scope, at closer range and you're head-to-head with an opponent (and especially a good opponent), you'll be shot out of it SO quick, there's practically ZERO point... but you may still win if you're in close enough, due to the weapon's RoF and power. You'll however, be completely outclassed at mid to long range... that's pretty obvious. You guys are complaining about next to nothing... just for the sake of having another thing to complain about. Yes, on the surface, the zoom animation resembles COD cosmetically, all because there is a weapon sight visual on the screen, but that's about it. It plays pretty much identically to all of the older Halo's. I can maybe see you guys saying that it might feel like COD a bit if you played the Beta on the Default controller setting, or where zoom was mapped to LT, but if you played on Recon, it felt an awful lot like tried-and-true Halo to me. Even if there is a slight to considerable accuracy boost with SmartScope, it never played much of a factor in a match with good players. Descope is a huge balancing factor... as it always was in the original games.
  2. Because it's not "ADS"... lol It functions within the game absolutely nothing like it does in COD or Battlefield or whatever else implements it in that way.
  3. I don't see it as ADS at all... unscoped you still have weapons that function as they would in a past Halo game and due to the style of Halo's core gameplay, it is often times still viable to stay unscoped... if, of course, you're using the weapons properly in the correct situations to begin with. Then ok, you scope in with an automatic weapon... first off, with the descope mechanic back, GOOD LUCK getting any more than 2 or 3 bullets on somebody before they shoot you out of zoom. Then if you're lucky enough to even complete a kill fully zoomed in, why not be rewarded with tighter accuracy/a quicker TTK? Chances are you would've had superior positioning over the enemy or executed a good flank... Plus, they're made a bit more viable on scaled-up maps against longer ranged BR's, DMR's, Snipers... if you're in a pinch. I personally think for the gameplay of H5, the accuracy buff was actually pretty smart design, all things considered, especially since 4+ times out of 5, you'll be descoped immediately and it limits the effectivity of the weapons to their intended range.
  4. Wow... so you're saying that when you scope with the binoculars with say, an AR in H4, you'll actually still be descoped?
  5. Like the 3+ different melee-kill medals that seemed to stand for the same thing? lol
  6. I definitely enjoyed the fact that the Pistol could basically demolish anything at close range. Wasn't always a fan of the recoil though, that's the only thing...
  7. I was thinking about making a minitage... but after watching this I realized that I don't have nearly enough clips lol.
  8. I most certainly did play the Beta... lol The opponents way-out-of-position were usually like fish in a barrel if you got the first shot or two.
  9. Would they actually HIDE hide, or were they posted up, defending a position, popping shots and backing down if they had the chance? Idk, maybe it's just because I find this sort of thing fun in Halo... I've always enjoyed Slayer games on Lockout/The Pit/Guardian because of how calculated the games played out. That was always fun to me... one wrong move and the other team would make you pay. It was almost like the opposing teams respected each other in a way. Made the game intense IMO... so in those situations in the Beta where there was a firefight and either I, or enemies were thrusting away for cover, I felt like in order to achieve the kill, I'd have to get creative in someway, no matter if I was on the winning end of the 1v1 or not... and with some of the new abilities in Halo 5, I personally felt you had more ways of being creative than ever. Not trying to say every new ability was a fantastic addition to Halo because I really didn't like a couple of them at all... I'm getting off of my train-of-thought a little bit but my point is, at the end of the day, you have to outsmart and outplay your opponent... this can be done in SO many ways, with all these tiny, little calculated decisions... and sometimes a bit of teamwork helps too, but a little bit of sprinting or thrusting away isn't really going to define a win or loss IMO. They're likely at a considerable range if they're doing that and getting away with it, so if you can bring the fight in a bit closer and do it in an intelligent way, that cuts way down on the success-rate of these "get-out-of-jail" mechanics. Even then, the weapons of Halo 5 generally have a ton of range too, so those times when an enemy can't quite make it to cover, you can punish them pretty easily... Is it a little bit different of a game than past Halo's? A little... but for me, that's what makes it interesting, and I really like what some of these new movement options allow a player to do. Yes, some shouldn't be there in their current implementation, and some shouldn't even be there at all, but I don't think Thruster is all that game-breaking... a lot more positives to it than negatives IMO. I think they're a ton of fun and present a lot of competitive potential.
  10. I can't say I ever saw anything like this in the Beta... never was an issue for me. If a team is losing, why are they constantly hiding and running away? They'd have to engage at some point if they ever planned on winning. Even if they were hiding and running away, if you and your team have awareness of the situation, ideal positioning, all eyes on the base, and a team trapped, there are ways to flush them out, and outmaneuver/cut them off and clean them up with an at least semi-coordinated effort. A campy team that's losing is not something I've seen too much of though... and I've played against reasonable ranks and reasonably smart players for a long time.
  11. Halo is literally SO situational man... if you put yourself in favorable situations, as long as you're not completely off your game, you'll pretty much end up with favorable outcomes... a lot more often than if there wasn't a "method to your madness" anyway. I wouldn't just say something like that if I didn't think it was true... Frankly, I'm not so sure how so many of you disagree. Decision-making, good positioning, and (often times) patience, are HUGE in coming out on top in a game of Halo. I thought this community (of all communities) would be able to acknowledge that...
  12. I've always enjoyed that passive style of play... stalemates and whatnot... particularly on those maps too. I find that kind of gameplay tense, tactical, and fun... But that's just me.
  13. Can't really watch the video, I'm at work, but if he said that I'll have to agree with him... A good player is going to put themselves in favorable positions to complete their kills, and naturally finish them quickly. Thruster won't play much of a factor... Not saying I'm an outstanding player by any means but I finished plenty of kills before enemies could get away. And sure, a lot of enemies escaped too, but it was never as frustrating as some people here make it out to be. You just cut your losses and move forward...
  14. What makes you think that I intended it to be a one-hit-kill? You're right, that would be stupid...
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