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  1. I think 4v4 forge maps were basically killed off in H5. Not to be overly narcissistic, but we both know how much forgers live for the notoriety of having their map accepted somewhere. With the lack of 4v4 forge (core) map support in H5 MM, the majority of forgers gravitated towards other things. You and I came from the comp forge community and not having forge maps supported in this game for HCS basically killed a lot of drive for myself and several others. I think that is a result of why there are so few of 4v4 maps that look/play decently enough. If anything, this SHOULD spark some interesting new designs in the coming future. Hell, getting a map in the rotation has been one of my goals to achieve, yet I didn't have the skills to be considered back in 3/Reach and 4 was my closest bet. Hopefully forge maps will be accepted, tested, and possibly more maps will come from this endeavor.
  2. Catching up on my Halo stuff (just finished this semester) I reallllllllly want to play Halo 2A. Especially some of these custom maps like this. Sorry nothing really to add to this map discussion as of yet, but gameplay does look promising. Hope you are doing well bud.
  3. So what's everyone working on these days? Anything worth looking at these days? BTW miss you guys nitro
  4. Ooooh nice, yea I got sometime before I graduate. Being a computer science major, has me going through some rough programming skills. As much I would like to do level design, college has taken the precedence of my time. Now I do fancy myself on Counter Strike a lot these days and the guys that make the maps over there are out of this world with their creations. Hell maybe one day they will make a real editor, trust me, my heart will always be set on Halo. This summer, we should take the time and have a summer build off, take some "teams" and see what you're collaborated minds can do. I would honestly come back for that, of course if we can get the ENTIRE crew to agree on it. Yes, I did dabble in the Source editor. I worked on recreating Warholic's Sewers, and also messed with some of my original stuff. Nothing fancy, but learning the editor itself was a task on its own. It was definitely worth the time though, I will be taking a break this summer from school, who knows what I will try to crank out for both Halo and CS.
  5. It has, built myself a PC last summer to learn some real editors. Along the way I learned there are far better tools than what we have here in forge. So the same arguments are happening I see, Sprint/No-sprint? I've missed those long nights forging with everyone, but I am afraid the mass of the forgers I used to know are long gone. BTW love the sig, still reppin it KCFO!
  6. Why hello old friends, its been a long time. Hope everyone has been doing well. I've taken a much needed rest from Halo and hope some of you may spark my interest back into it. Anything new or exciting happen since June of last year?
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