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  1. Survey was definitely on point. Hopefully they take feedback seriously
  2. These are my initial thoughts after playing a few games and will be updated more thoroughly after playing more: Abilities: Sprint: While I dislike sprint, and believe it should be removed from halo, what I have noticed is that you die QUICK if you use it now. The only times that I used it were when I knew no enemies were around, and amusingly I had the least amount of deaths both games. Edit: It just needs to go. Starting to get irritating just like it was in H4 and makes me want to go back to MCC instead. Remove, Increase base movement and FoV. Ground Pound: Frustrating to not be able to crouch jump because of this. Thruster: I like it, the range at the moment doesn't seem as far as it was in the early access beta, but I could be wrong. I was using it more to get away from nades and escape though, which is slightly a problem. I believe it should be changed to first person, and let us use it as a secondary strafe. Will have more thoughts on it later.Clamber: I don't believe it's totally bad, I used it maybe all of 4 times in 2 games. Charge: Super cheap and needs to go. Just frustrating. Smartscope: The only weapons I really disliked it on were the autos, the sniper and the DMR. Delay along with the scopes for those ones are jarring. Definitely feel like sniper is more of a risk with it, compared to being a reward. Weapons: Sniper Rifle: Rate of fire needs to be adjusted higher. Precision weapons: All felt decently hard to aim, especially the pistol. I believe the pistol should have it moved down to a 3sk, even if it stays the same 1 second kill time, just to give us more ammo in each clip for it to kill with. Scope should also be adjusted to a higher scope imo with how hard it is to use. Battle Riffle & DMR Felt good though. Autos: Way too powerful at the moment, especially with smart scope. Definitely need to be toned down midrange. Spread is too tightened scoped in. Flinch: Why is this in game? I thought it was being removed. Really irritating and isn't needed when we have descope.Maps: Initial thoughts are that both maps seem decently competitive. Though on midship it was a little confusing on whether I was on pink tower or carbine the first time playing it. Definitely feels like you need higher ground on Empire(?). I like the fact that there are a lot of BR's and DMR's on map as pickups. In the older halos it did feel like there weren't that many, so it does make AR starts not seem nearly as bad imo. Disliking how stretched truth feels compared to midship. Medals: There are too many imo, announcer should only announce the important ones. Announcer voice is really irritating too. Spartan Callouts: Honestly don't really notice them unless i'm dead, but I'm sure they'll be useful for some, and annoying for others. Melee: There definitely needs to be bleedthrough Like I said, these are initial thoughts, and this will be added to.
  3. I don't understand why they changed the look of the rocket launcher to make it look more realistic.. Like.. why?
  4. I noticed it was a bit better while playing wizard.
  5. At this point, I honestly don't care if the community gets split. Do I really want to play a game that isn't fun to me? I feel like a lot of others will feel the same, and then they lose our community.
  6. I was honestly really hoping for colossus if they remade a map for compensation..
  7. Why do I feel like I'm the only one who does the melee after reloading the pistol in CE? Every clip/vid I watch of people (Along with teammates in game) aren't ever doing it. Doesn't it shorten reload time?
  8. This is why I'll stay in games where my team quits out even if it's 3v1 or 4v1. I still manage to rack up some kills usually and lets me try to get more practiced. It sucks having to wait the time out if everyone quits out, so I'm not gonna put people through that.
  9. Yeah, I honestly didn't expect them to be in top 4 but they made it there.
  10. Exactly.. and to add to this, COD competitive settings are usually not the same as out of the box settings afaik. They remove certain weapons and other things from competitive play
  11. Finally got to finish a CE game after getting booted 6-7 times in a row in TS. 2v3 after people quit out, me and the other dude were destroying the 3 on rat race. Actually had fun even though registration was still a bit funky.
  12. It's amusing because they're both actually really nice in person. At least the times i've met them.
  13. It's happened like 5-6 games in a row.. latest one. xboxdvr.com/VelociT+Slays/ae9ddb55-4c0a-4a16-8611-0a2250aeeeb8
  14. Is anyone else getting host booted or standbyed a bunch? Keeps happening to me..
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