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  1. so whats good with the adjustable horizontal/vertical sensitivities now? I thought I heard somewhere that having them the same is similar to older halos, anyone try it? @@Erra what are you playing on?
  2. you're basing this off a scrim against the best team in the game, on a team where two of the players have barely played since regionals. Not much to comment on.
  3. Profile sync error all day today.. hard reset my box about 10 times :feelsbad:
  4. Anyone else having matchmaking issues today?
  5. Thank you. I logged in just to post something similar. Flame is no where near as bad as this forum seems to think, and at least he actually plays the damn game.
  6. I was trying so hard this weekend to get myself into this video... good job haha
  7. Much love to @@GoldenboyFTW, gets way more crap on here than he should. Sat behind me during the Optic TP match and shot the shit like any other person. Respect your passion for casting and this game.
  8. Isn't Short North a little closer than high street? Even that looks like a little bit away, I know there are some bars in Gahanna near there but I haven't really been out there much. I've lived right outside columbus for like 6 months now, can't wait to go tomorrow.
  9. So the numerous pages of adderall, cratos being a horrible person, or the sudds fighting each other are any better?
  10. FFA is borderline unplayable... Overgrown/pegasus every other game is just awful How could a pro team think overgrown was a good idea
  11. I am confused by this. 1 is lowest aim accel and 5 is the most as I understand it.
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