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  1. If its better then the complete saga for sure, tho i doubt it will be, that game was a childhood favorite of mine haha, played it before i even knew what the movies where about
  2. thats an awesome looking lockout holy shit! nice work
  3. jesus, thats how low halo's social interactions have gone?... I was playing og h3 before it went offline and I was happy as hell to see the majority of people using mics, even with that crappy sound quality
  4. agreed bro, of course I don't mind small amounts of recoil on something like h3's sniper, I'm garbage with that thing but I know it gives it some sort of mastery, and I know real guns are all about recoil control of course, but I dunno I like the feeling of just focusing on aiming, no recoil management, just predicting bullet travel and aim, thats what halo should have continued doing. but alas thats not to be
  5. I mean I kinda hate both i won't lie, its the best part about ce and other older fps games, the gameplay feels smooth cause nothing is interfering with your aim
  6. I definitely agree with that, halo doesn’t even need to have perfect gameplay to succeed, it just needs the social aspect and community features to keep a population having fun and being creative, vanilla h3 and reach pretty much show us this for better or worse, infinite could be the same but it doesn’t care for the community
  7. oh yeah I noticed that with some of the animations, their at 30 fps at times, thats some halo pc gearbox shit right there lol
  8. I'm only joking haha, but yeah big yikes
  9. then it that case, they should go back to 30 fps so its harder to hit shots
  10. Its sorta no different to old arcade games, where they make the game hard as balls so the average person can’t beat it so they pump in more coins, modern multiplayer is a little different but that manipulation is still pretty much there
  11. While reachs vehicles where pretty weak health wise compared to a lot of weapons like the sniper and dmr, i think a lot of make up for that in fire power, save for a few, reach has some great ghost handling but its canons suck compared to ce’s ghost and h3’s ghost, while i think reachs banshee is the opposite, it handles like shit but its banshee bomb is strong as fuck in the right hands
  12. I’ve always hated how the banshee controlled after reach, i much prefer the smoother handling on h2/h3’s banshee
  13. The invincibility stuff I’ve never had an issue with its just how weak the ov has been since h3, and with infinite i dunno, its just a mini regen field you can activate at any time and I guess thats why some people would like it, like the ov nade jump on damnation, that kinda stuff isn’t gonna be a thing in infinite and i think thats boring
  14. Its a small thing but i miss 2 layer overshield, ever since h3 social settings ov has sucked ass, and that’s always been sad for me
  15. haha the noob combo in h2 was sooo stupidly easy to abuse, I still got a mate who hates that thing to death, and his favourite game is halo 2
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