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  1. Minds cheating back on the menu? https://twitter.com/JakeSucky/status/1483935306562764800?s=20
  2. If it's a 1 year deal with Faze makes sense to spend his non-prac time enjoying himself and sustaining his Apex brand
  3. Literally drop in the H:CE, H2, or H:R sniper and it's in a decent spot. The Infinite sniper makes me think my 3080ti is melting
  4. So Minds was also banned on MCC before Infinite launched and on SMITE back in 2019 based on Druk's tweets. This keeps getting better
  5. Any info on his UMG ban? That bottom mid clip with the guy sliding was crazy. I played him on H2 Cart a decent amount and he was absolutely ridiculous for someone who picked up the game late, but he streamed on and off so really tough to tell
  6. Agreed on Sanc and Pit, but a "good" Middy would be exciting for me personally (yeah, I know there's no shot)
  7. Aquarius and Streets are okay, the rest need to go. So many boxed off rooms connected to other rooms with straight hallways they feel like Valorant's maps from beta. My guess is the "pro team" wasn't allowed to influence design in any meaningful way and were insulated from the designers from any drastic decisions that would benefit the maps. Just goes to show how lucky we were with H1/H2
  8. Mikwen ended his stream after getting thrown into 200+ ping lobbies, snipedown on Apex after scrimming c9 because matchmaking is in shambles. Infinite's looking bright
  9. Yet 343 has so many other topics to address, any update will never see the light of day. It's like they gave an intern 4 hours to come up with something and that's what we got. Unrelated, but even with other Halos I could hop in BTB for a decent time (Burial Mounds 1 flag, Terminal 1 bomb, Burial Mounds, Headlong, even H3 and Reach were tolerable.) The game lacks any soul- I'm convinced they scrapped content 4 years in and rushed this out as a botched H5/H2A combo
  10. Are they going to balance matchmaking by the time Forge drops in 2025?
  11. I completely understand, I was on the MLG forums from 2006 on and still remember Cursed battling it out with Lukems on the H3 BR. I just like seeing hard data and couldn't pinpoint why this game feels worse than h3 in terms of solo playability. I'm simply envious of people who enjoy this Halo because I don't see what they do in terms of overall gameplay.
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