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  1. Agreed as well. They probably know that a Battle Royale does realistically give them a second chance too. If they werent keen on one before, Id expect MS will be pushing/ordering for it now.
  2. Agreed, TB is toxic af. Im having a great time with my fireteam buddies in customs every day. The game is everything I have dreamt about for years. Thanks 343 and Bonnie Ross if they are reading this. I would have played more MCC with my fireteam but they couldnt afford it after buying their PCs.
  3. Twitter is just a miserable dump, it’s always going to select the Most negative option in any context
  4. This can’t be a real person (and I like infinite)
  5. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
  6. I was referring to the sports analogy. As I said, its a conflict of interest. Its that simple. For melee with going "grassroots" sure, whatever. Once these bigger esport companies get involved, players dictating rules is madness. And yes, that Halo example was 18 years ago. What a tradition.
  7. Surely you can see the difference between this and creating an entire ruleset. Players literally saying that others were too good with a sniper so they Ga'd it.
  8. The idea of Pro players having the power to GA is just a massive conflict of interest. No esport OR sport does this except COD. They also just GA'd snipers too, absolutely hilarious
  9. Many soldiers were banned for ironically saying this
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