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  1. What? Look, you made a sarcastic remark, my response was just supposed to be a continuation of that. I didn't mean for you to be offended by it. Some things just don't translate over text.
  2. >Take a light jab >"Wow you're triggered" Might have that one backwards.
  3. Damn, that ordeal is going to be rent free in Sens fanboys' heads.
  4. Multiplayer's biggest problem is that it needs more and better maps. Can't play for more than 45 minutes before it gets old.
  5. I am of the exact opposite opinion. Seems like he specifically went out of the way to not use the word accident. You're going to know when you're playing high ping versus low, it's as plain as day. The whole ordeal is done but come on, it is extraordinarily naive to believe this wasn't on purpose. He got caught, simple as.
  6. They should pick up an absolute scrub and go to flex on anyone they manage to beat.
  7. Article from game developer detailing their investigation and recreating the alleged act versus 'Nah believe me dude'.
  8. You're right that they don't have to scrim anyone, but it is collusion. The real question is what can 343 do about it? @kidstandout suggested weekly matches and it seems like that will happen eventually. At the end of the day they can't force anyone to scrim though.
  9. Eh, idk. I think anyone involved with a top team is probably just posturing right now to get everyone on their side. I will say that if the Sentinels org has any kind of social media manager type guy then they are absolutely failing at their job currently. They are only making themselves look worse right now.
  10. Is Manny on Pioneers the guy that had really long hair in H5?
  11. PC or Xbox? I play on OG Xbox One and I've only crashed twice...which is still pitiful tbh.
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