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  1. IDK if it's just me or what but it feels like I can't take any risks whatsoever as a player in this game, even ranked. The tools are just so weak. Maybe I'm just bad, but more often than not the teams I get that run off and scatter get beat by the enemy who are all placed at various angles throughout the map and my team doesn't quite know how to get an offense started back up.
  2. The game will throw you in with just about anyone anyways. I was pitted against two Onyx players and still did better than them both even though they're supposed to be a tier above me. I only got beat in one category by one of them: Damage dealt.
  3. Have we talked before about how busted ranked is at the moment. Diamond 1 is Top 50% according to HaloTracker. DIAMOND 1 Diamond should not be the middle of the pack, that's reserved for Gold to low Plat IMO. Diamond should be like above average and then when you're actually good at the game you get Onyx. What is going on here? Is this a bug with how people are placed into matches?
  4. Yes it is a lot of rooms connected with corridors, which is actually why I like Aquarius and Behemoth a ton. They feel much more open than the other Arena maps. Also, I'm gonna blow y'alls minds. What map features spawns deep within your territory, has a no man's land of a middle, only one way to avoid that middle area which is shared by both teams, has limited cover in the middle, has one battlement for each team, and you are able to spawn trap people when you move within their base. You may be thinking I'm talking about Bazaar, and you'd be partially correct. However, I'm also talking about Colossus from Halo 2 And I am also talking about 2fort from Team Fortress 2 And Turbine from Team Fortress 2 as well, which is even worse as it has no alternate route through mid $500,000,000 later, and we get a recycled design made by a modder in the late 90's. You can also consider Unreal's Facing Worlds as a part of this little family of maps if you wish And Bazaar is supposed to be an official competitive HCS map? I think that's a huge mistake.
  5. Yeah, these maps ain't perfect but lets be honest on launch how many maps in a Halo game are worthy of any kind of competitive play? CE: Derelict, Damnation, HEM, Wizard, Chill Out, Battle Creek, Rat Race Halo 2: Lockout, Midship, Beaver Creek, Ivory Tower (which ended up getting removed) Halo 3: Narrows, The Pit, Guardian, Construct (Isolation was also in this pool but also got removed by I think v3) Halo Reach: Countdown, Zealot, some Forge maps idk Halo 4: Uhhhh Abandon and Haven? Think Solace might've been on there too Halo 5: Coliseum, Truth, Fathom, Regret, Empire, Eden, The Rig, Plaza Halo Infinite: Aquarius, Live Fire, Recharge, Streets (that name bruh), Bazaar (which all things considered unless 343 is willing to update maps and change them considerably will get removed in a year or two likely). We have the structure for HCS, but nothing else right now. I think 5 maps is a good start for competitive, if only there were other things to do than just ranked.
  6. I remember when they announced the armor coating system. Ooh man I was pissed, not because of the concept but because they knew how to say a lot without saying anything basically. They continued to be so tight lipped about the game and just saying filler up until the flight where finally we could actually play the damn game.
  7. Well, the denizens of r/Halo are now losing their collective minds over the monetization. Not because of the shitty battle pass, but because of the store itself. Then we have this now enlightened individual Honestly Halo Infinite is simultaneously great and depressing and I don't like it one bit.
  8. The thing with the AR is that it's a pickup on some maps (Streets for example has one right by A Tower). 343 didn't design this weapon to be dropped for a better CQC weapon, or any weapon at all for that matter. It's meant to be powerful, which makes it even more confusing as a starting weapon in Quick Play. It just feels like you were only meant to spawn with BR and nothing else the whole time. Issue is that the Heatwave and Bulldog, which spawns on many of the competitive maps, seem to not be able to stand up much to the AR. The Bulldog is like the Mauler, where you have to land a shot and follow up with a melee. No issue there, makes the gun far less annoying. The Heatwave, which was fine in the flight as a 2-shot weapon, has been reduced to 3-shots. A POWER WEAPON mind you. The AR can now far more easily contest the same range as the Heatwave, whereas before it was a legitimately scary weapon and spawned far less than the AR.
  9. I've played a little more of the maps with a full group. Here's my (weak-ass) impressions. Live Fire: I used to like this map until I got Oddball on it. Just set up at the tower and play the ball whenever you know you're gonna die. Lmao. There's another set up on the Commando field where you can hide your ball guy behind the little drop down but you have zero height advantage so don't do it. Bazaar: Worst of the five competitive maps. You can spawn trap people so long as your flag isn't gone. They'll just endlessly respawn in their base. Slayer is too stalemate-prone. I wonder if King of the Hill or Strongholds (I'd bet more on the former) would work well on this map as it forces you to actually move around to score. Unfortunately, we don't have Crazy King... Aquarius: The best map with the least amount of shitty corridors connecting rooms. This is our Midship-style map and it's pretty great for flag TBH. Slayer is pretty good too, but surprisingly I don't think I've gotten Oddball yet. I'd imagine it's not bad on this map. You could likely do any of the four gamemodes and they'd all play well. Streets: I wish this map was good. Plaza was one of my favs from H5 and this is a clear spiritual successor to it. Strongholds is alright on this map, and so is Slayer to an extent, but you think this map would be good for Ball and it isn't. It has the same problem Live Fire has in that its main setup (A Tower) is too good with not enough options to break it. Guardian Ball wasn't perfect but there was like four ways to get to Snipe tower. Here, there's just three, two that share one entrance. I think adding a jump up onto A tower would do a lot of great for breaking that set up and thus incentivizing players to control shotgun more. I bet this map will be stalemate prone. Recharge: I only got this map once or twice and Strongholds is its best mode. There's real flow to this map that I like. Unfortunately I have little else to say, so I'll come back and give my thoughts on it. Overall, this game feels 10x more fun to play with a 4-stack than solo. If you have bad teammates you might as well quit because there's little you can do individually to affect a match outside of grabbing Rockets (which are very limited in supply anyways).
  10. My copy of Halo 2 is unpatched still. You would need an Xbox that never got the Title Update I think.
  11. Alright, so I've finally stopped being angry over MKB aiming. It still doesn't feel quite there, but it's a lot better than the crap I was using before. Now I feel there's some actual friction to the aim, whereas before it was slippy slidey timey whimey nonsense. I like how no one seems to be talking about the AR in any major Halo channel. The thing is fuckin busted. AR vs. Commando, I should win with Commando. Same with AR vs. BR. It's bonkers just how easy it is to get kills with it. AND IT'S A PICKUP IN RANKED. So essentially, 343 wanted to design the AR to fill in the niche something like the Pulse Carbine does. Why do we spawn with the AR in Quickplay and BTB then? Yeah, it's a rifle, but who gives a shit when you're able to engage in mid-range duels against actual precision rifles. It's fucked as a spawn weapon, end of story. Nerf its viable range, it doesn't need anything other than that. I would say that there's a deeper problem at play (likely the aim) but no this is a surface level solution and the AR can still keep its close range crutch status.
  12. Same. Feels awfully slippery. Could be that I'm just used to how Halo handles on MKB but I do notice that a lot of deaths are because I get into strafe battles and miss a burst or two, but that's on me. What isn't on me is how awful it feels to try and shoot anything at a distance with the BR. Anything scoped feels terrible as well to me.
  13. Someone else in here noted that mouse aim was funky. I decided to test it out on PC and Series S. PC mouse aim is surprisingly fine. IDK if it's raw input but it's one to one. Xbox mouse aim is terrible. Straight up a dumpster fire. It's nowhere near one to one even with mouse acceleration off. Avoid using mouse on Xbox, there doesn't seem to be a mouse API like on PC that's equivalent. It's very very janky mouse support.
  14. I'll install it here and see if it's any good on Series S. It's mostly just my Game Pass machine.
  15. I think this is a great list you have! I think there's two maps that could work well for doubles: Live Fire and Streets. Maybe Bazaar would work better for Doubles than in 4s. But that's a very small map pool. We're edging into H2A territory with map variety at the moment, so I agree with you Doubles needs to stay out until we get more content/Forge maps. As for Snipers perhaps then we can create a Ranked Rotational playlist that includes Snipers, Ranked SWAT, and even a Team Throwback-style playlist where it plays more like H2 by removing Sprint, increase jump height, and is Objective Only. Although Team Throwback in H3 was incredibly unpopular still (probably cause it wasn't actually that good of a playlist, but I hear the H5 throwbacks were alright). I think 343 wants the ranks to be very unified though so we may only end up with one actual ranked playlist which sucks
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