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  1. I have a feeling it's the default Spartan colour blending in with the dull colours of every map. If every map had an emotion they'd all be sad
  2. Yeah I've noticed the in game scoreboard is fine then post match it just seems to put you randomly anywhere it wants. It's small things like that that make the UI so bad
  3. You probably want them to get rid of in game scoreboards too
  4. Not sure if anyone has tackled this question before but are they honestly going to double down on not being able to check overall stats? Like I get understand the twisted logic about not being able to see everyone's stats (even though that logics wrong) but what is the reason I can't see my own stats? Are they worried people will be toxic to......themselves? Someone please tell me that this is an oversight or something and it'll be there on December 8th
  5. Cos you can still read the forum without an account, I've been here a while without posting
  6. Can this 1 v 1 be recorded. Wasn't this meant to happen for around the last 10 months?
  7. I feel like the sidekick would actually be fine if they just removed bloom completely and upped the damage. Also, is anyone actually looking forward to the competitive scene? Even if it's precision starts both precision guns are in a horrible state at the moment
  8. Pointless debating with r/Halo. I was being told to get good by a level 13 on MCC. Probably 13 on H4 as well
  9. Lol we're not far from spawning with no guns and a pickaxe and having to farm for guns
  10. Hi all, Loooong time lurker. Shekkle's Reddit post bought me here, feel like I aged 50 years trying to convince some people in that thread that the pistol is cheeks
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