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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjfZKI01UUQ&t=590s
  2. ***** we made it. But forreal, 343 deserves an applause for this. If successful, can bring Halo back onto the competitive scene which I hope makes it way back to MLG because MLG became boring without Halo.
  3. If this site grows and get's really popular for the Halo community, I would really like to have a section for halo editors cause our part of the population is sort of dying off to. I think it would let players connect with editors more now that FBWalshyFTW and airguitar has called it quits. It would benefit both the players and editors which both seem to be out of sync with one another. Players say it's really hard to find editors and editors just can't seem to find the players. This would be a nice place for everyone to visit not just for competitive teams and news but also editors.
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