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  1. @Aphex Twin and @Rdispushedback at the 2022 HCS WC
  2. You just know that Phil Spencer wish he could Thanos snap 343 away.
  3. This was pretty much confirmed when Frankie came here and cherry picked the worst comment (which wasn't even that bad) as the reason that he wouldn't come here anymore despite most posts being novels of constructive criticism with research. Shoot, they're now even avoiding /r/halo since sketch is now posting updates on Waypoint only.
  4. 2 hours later I have a crystal ball, confirmed. A female model is a great thing to be in Halo multiplayer. I didn't think this conversation would get you riled up enough to put your foot down and demand for the discussion to end but here we are. This is fun to watch though. You will say something else about this despite saying you wouldn't because you can't stand this conversation happening. I will be right. I envy people who have played less than 20 matches of this game.
  5. I would bet 90% of the people who say "but the gameplay is good" on social media haven't played the game in weeks.
  6. Okay, then I'll criticize what you're talking about if we're going that route. You're gaslighting so a topic that you don't want to see garner attention is shut down. I think you do have an opinion of this and you don't want others to know of it. 343 are the ones who did it and we're the ones being too political by talking about it? It's only political because you declared it as such. Who do you think you are, bud? Well guess what. I, Geaux Andrew, have now declared the omission of a female model in Halo Infinite to not be political, thus we can now talk about. it. There, using your logic, I fixed that problem. I know two girls who played this game and I brought this discussion up because they brought it up to me since they consider it important. Unfortunately for them, what they consider important doesn't align with @_Synapse considers worthy of discussion. I'll be sure to let them know to keep them in line, buddy. Well that's a relief. Personally, I don't think you can't help yourself but we'll see I guess. You may not reply but I'm willing bet you're going to say something passive-aggressive to weaken this topic. I don't want this to be a toxic discussion but when someone comes in and gaslights to the point of it being toxic so it ends, letting it end is exactly his goal. So no. The female model being omitted out of Infinite only hurt the game and 50% of the population being represented in multiplayer is a great thing. And if its not important to you, that's okay, but please understand that doesn't mean it isn't to others and it's okay for people to talk about it. And don't let anyone convince you that saying this is being too political. It's a basic feature that was once welcomed to Halo. When it was introduced in Halo Reach, if someone said "This is too political! No!" I would have called them fools. So if someone says the same about its omission, I'll call them a fool as well.
  7. I had my concerns with H4 but I stilled played it for an entire year. H5, I dropped after two months. The AR effectiness and ADS buffs was the last straw on the camels back for me. I played Infinite for two weeks.
  8. I know this is some tin-foil hat stuff but with his odd wording "Halo kind of botched" and "Halo is not going to know how to handle", I'm thinking in his 1-year contract to play Infinite, there's something about not using certain verbage with "343" and that's his low effort attempt to go around it lol
  9. Boyo's Halo: "Bro just press A+B at the same time to use your alt-fire double-shot, then move on top of the sand to give your gun an EMP effect. While you do that, I'm going to go drive the Warthog through the water to charge it."
  10. You said a lot to pretty much say "Halo omitting the female model isn't a big deal because everything else is shit. Thus, no more talking about it. Am I clear?" Well then I guess we can't talk about anything unless it's about the most vital issues. That sucks! Please give your approved complaint list, we all wish to see it. I don't see what point you're trying to prove? It's like you're actively trying to get people to not even talk about the omission of a female model in Halo. Why? It did nothing but help the series and that's what we're saying. If you don't wish to discuss it, then don't? Why are you so active to stop discussion though?
  11. I'm convinced that the people at the top of 343 are the type that begged the host to end the match if they're first to die in Infection. When they were being spawn killed on Coagulation, they reported each player on the opposing team. They were the "No fun allowed" players in lobbies and they are now controlling Halo. It's our worst nightmare.
  12. Snipedown is too old school to get a large following. His personality isn't colorful enough for the current environment. He's already capped. Flip flopping to Halo and back to Apex only hurt his modest following. Hope he has a fallback plan lol.
  13. We've been observing this company for a decade now. It's clear as day that the culture there is a boy's club. There's no way that there aren't people there that enjoyed Halo customs in its golden years or exclusively play CS or TF2 and understand what makes a MP game "fun". I can already see how conversations likely go there 343 executive after leaving a 2 hour meeting when they all got in at 10: "Hey Joe, need you to increase the aim assists across the board from the feedback of the flights." Joe: "Wh...why would we" flashbacks of the impossible conversations he's already had "...yeah why not."
  14. Do these people have a gun next to their head writing this review? He's so scared to say what he really thinks. He even contradicts himself. He starts off saying the sandbox is "phenomenal" and then farther down the article, he explains how the sandbox has serious faults. How adorable
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