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  1. If pros don't win competitions, they're just kids with bad decision making. I'm sorry but not making money in video game competitions means it's a literal waste of their time. It's not like college sports where there's promise in pros and even if they don't get that far, they have something meaty on their resume in terms of commitment. Video game pro? Yeah, no one's taking that seriously so if they're not making good money, get out of it. I know that sounds crude but most of these pros on twitter don't deserve to be taken more seriously than your average reddit user.
  2. Responding to the wrong person? Never said poker didn't take skill? Just said that it's relevancy, along with casinos, seem to be dying rapidly with younger generations.
  3. I used to be 1700 in my early twenties and now I can't get pass 1200. It hurts man...
  4. In my experience, poker is not popular with millennials at all. I assume it's going to be even worst when gen Z gets older. Casino gambling will be archaic when gen X starts dying off. Chess on the other hand is likely going to live forever.
  5. This boy just compared poker to chess. And when Infinite is irrelevant, he'll blame the pro community.
  6. Deep down, we all knew they were going to get rid of friendly fire eventually. The action screams 343. And deep down, we all know that they'll never revert on that decision.
  7. Something about BF is so boring now. It's like I'm not part of a team anymore. It feels like everyone is a lone wolf and there happens to be a winner at some point. I hope they address this in 2042 but I don't have high hopes. As bad as 343's Halo is, it still feels like a team game. If Infinite sucks, I think I'll just be done with games as a whole.
  8. I love how you act like that's all you said. Lets re-quote you. There's so much snide with this post that it's just dumb and immature. There are a lot better ways of saying a place has negativity than throwing in dumb comments like "lol you're not unique" and "Lots of love" after you say this forum is just too negative for you. Like c'mon dude. Yeah because the dirt on pizza was a serious opinion. You know exactly what I was trying to say. And with the "I think you're kinda proving my point already!", it just shows more that you're constantly trying to have this edge and proving some point that no one cares about with this forum. If you want people to take your opinions seriously, then just post your opinions without some underhand back comment about the community right after in nearly every one of your post.
  9. Why does it have to be replaced? It just needs to be omitted. Things can be that simple.
  10. If the below three things are done, it would improve the game significantly, enough for me to be addicted (not including fixing the aiming since I don't think that was intentional). Remove sprint. At this point, there will be no significant impact. Remove clamber. They might have to make some changes to maps but it breaks the flow of movement too much for it to be worth it. Like someone else said, it solves a problem that it creates. Lower the AR range effectiveness This game is closer to be a success than Halo 5 due to it relying on less mechanics. If 343 can swallow their pride a tiny bit and make those changes, there's a solid foundation for Infinite to be a cultural success. This game is so close that it's just a sad story at this point.
  11. Did someone ever understand the leaderboard in the post-game stats? Every time I looked at it, the order of the players were weird. Like there's no ranking? And why isn't the top player highlighted in the poses? They're copying Siege's post-game deal but in Siege, the top guy is in the center and then it zooms out to show the team. That's way better.
  12. Halo vehicle combat worked fine in Halo 2. There are weapons that can counter vehicles without being one-shot kill. In Halo 2, there was the Brute Shot, plasma pistol (the projectile moved faster in H2 IIRC), plasma grenade, rockets, and so-on. The Laser was just too easy. Timing the charge was easy to anyone after they used it a few times. All you have to do is charge it away from your target and so they don't see the trail and then hold it in the last second. It was near impossible to avoid. It's not interactive like rockets, brute shot, or other weapons in the sandbox that have an anti-vehicle functionality. When the Laser was introduced, Bungie stopped relying on weapons with dual functionality (enemies and vehicles) to be spawns on the map so the Laser was either one of the few options or the only option. It broke a lot with vehicles in Halo 3 and it especially made the Falcon a death trap on maps like Avalanche. Basically, there are ways to counter vehicles though when a one-shot is introduced, it snowballs the weapon sandbox to something less interactive and fun. I've always said that the Laser can work if there is a weak spot on every vehicle and that's the only way to one-shot, else it just does damage. Similar to a Sniper/headshot.
  13. There should never be a one-shot vehicle killer in a video game. Stuff like the power drainer or the repulsor that pushes them away is ideal. The real best way to fight vehicles being unfair is map design.
  14. Finally manged to play a few matches last night before the flight ended. The aiming is as bad as I've been hearing. It's like I'm controlling my weapon with arrow keys on a keyboard instead of a joystick.
  15. Or instead of buffing everything, they just nerf the AR
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