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  1. I'm not defending clamber, I'm criticizing useless arguments. So many arguments here are backed up by ignorance about Halo or ignorance about other games. I agree with you guys most of the time, at least on the birds eye view of what you want, but I'm going to call you out if you're full of shit. Clamber adds nothing that benefits me and feels clunky (in my opinion). Whether it is objectively detrimental to the game is debatable, but it is a more nuanced topic than people here seem to think it is. Most importantly for me, though, is that it isn't inherently fun. If we have to have a jump assist, why not replace it with something fun like double jump, or wall jump? Ground pound was dumb, but it was fun to goomba stomp people, so it didn't bother me too much. Calling things like clamber a "get out of jail free button" is the definition of scrubposting and I'll keep calling it out when I see it. I don't need to be the ultimate judge of anything to point out when people blatantly don't understand how mechanics play out in a real game, and I don't have to respect them if they choose to remain ignorant. Again, sincerely, I appreciate that you actually named a specific spot where clamber annoyed you instead of just saying map bad. "Halo 5 has clamber and is built around it, therefore no-one misses any jumps at any time." I linked the reply, not the clip. Don't associate me with the "Infinite movement is INSANE" guy please.
  2. + for being the only one to give any kind of example or seem like you actually played the game
  3. Let me clarify: Here's where we disagree. Clambering in a fight is very easily punishable. You don't have to be a pro player to shoot someone while they're stuck in an animation. It's not a get out of jail free button. If you say this about everything you don't like, nobody that knows what you're talking about will take you seriously. Why do you think the competitive community stopped coming here? And 343? You can just say you don't like something. You don't have to add all the true facts you made up. I agree about the clutter btw, although I think half of it is unintentional. It feels like every game these days has some unnecessary crap the artists added to the map that ends up effecting gameplay. Valorant had a ton of problems early on. Again, ridiculous. You can see the impact all the time. Most of the time if you see a good player clambering in combat it is essentially a missed jump. There is tons of crouch and spring jumping happening to dodge the clamber animation. Are you going to tell me that clamber is ruining the game when you literally have to hit the classic Halo style jump anyways if you want to win the fight? I know a lot of us here are on the wrong side of the skill gap, but please try not to be ignorant of how the game actually worked if you're going write so much about it. Take it from an actual pro player if you don't believe me Do you read the posts here? Do you know what the rest of the community's perception of this site is? If only everyone felt the same way about aiming.
  4. I don't like clamber, I think it is tied with spartan charge for the worst H5 movement ability. I wish it was gone. That being said, most of what I'm seeing here is theorycrafting and scrubquotes. I don't think asking for real examples is disingenuous. Hogwash. Sanctuary is just as shit as its ever been.
  5. I suppose I follow what you're saying, but it doesn't line up with my experience playing or watching Halo 5. Do you have any examples of high level gameplay to support this? Even years ago when I was still playing, clambering in a fight got punished by good players. I'd prefer no clamber, but I'm not going to get all worked up about some noob crawling up a wall when I can just stand there and shoot them and go about my day. What is the extent please? Do you have any examples of the hit to map design? The sprint influence is obvious, but I don't remember H5 maps being significantly taller than classic maps.
  6. I need someone to explain to me how crouch jumping is significantly harder than clambering. There must be something I'm missing. Is it because it takes two buttons instead of one? I thought we didn't like when you have to press extra buttons.
  7. Honestly, if you think crouch jumping takes skill......
  8. Y'all been copy pasting the sprint post for 100 years, at least the mole tank is fun
  9. I didn't use Steam for the SFV numbers. I'm happy to be proven wrong if you have evidence that disproves it. I suppose SFIV could possibly have a slight edge in terms of player retention, but it sold significantly less copies. Regardless, nitpicking the numbers is missing my point. Both are more popular than any other traditional fighting game franchise, and it would be incorrect to say that skill is the main factor in the popularity difference. I would also be interested in data showing that Steam numbers deviate from trends on other platforms when a game is well-represented on both (decent port, full functionality). Like, do MCC players on PC tend to play different Halo games than MCC players on console?
  10. Does the link break if line of sight is broken? Is it pliable like a rope?
  11. What if the laser tripwire was powered by the spartans' shields, causing them to have no shields for the duration of the laser. Or, while linked, any damage to one spartan would also be done to the second one.
  12. I don't see how a power weapon that requires two people to use doesn't serve the same purpose.
  13. What is the purpose of power weapons?
  14. I used Steam population data for current games and historical sales/MAU data for older ones. I compared games within their franchises. If you have better data, please share it. I don't think it will help you prove that skill is the biggest factor in a successful game though. That is still your point, right? You started this discussion by saying Apex is more successful than Titanfall because its more skillful. Please please please share who you think I am.
  15. Shooting/punching bodies was always more effective anyway.
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