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  1. Reading this thread nowadays reminds me of a (mildly edited) quote from Red vs. Blue: "You know what, I miss the old H4 days, when we just argued about boltshots, and you guys were all just a bunch of nameless @$$holes I would yell at with Coachmayne."
  2. What a solid series from Denial, can't get over how fundamental their play was. Does Ninja Pistola play too much Fortnite instead of scrimming?
  3. Just got a chance to check out the CE stream, this is top-notch. Good stuff, Skillshot team!
  4. Goldenboy is in the chat. Does this mean the party can officially start?
  5. Today's the day, guys! If you're at the venue, rep us correctly:
  6. "Remember George, no man is a failure when he plays no-sprint Halo." Merry Christmas, all y'alls!
  7. Aw, here I was hoping for some Halo Bluegrass. No Halo theme by dueling banjos.
  8. As a player, I do wish H2A had been expanded with Forge maps, because I legit love that game engine and hate the teeny map pool. As a spectator, I'm extremely happy that Halo 3's being played again because we get classic, fundamental Halo to watch again (warts and all).
  9. Lethul's pistol is still awe-inspiring, even three years later.
  10. I will remember Halo 5 fondly for the HCS, but not the actual game. I loved watching what people galaxies more talented than me could do in H5, but I just didn't quite have the drive for this one. Here lies Halo 5 The game wasn't Halo 4 And I am grateful
  11. This old vs. new guard thing reminds me of being a kid growing up in Maine when Bangor had an independent league baseball team, the Bangor Blue Ox (prolly shoulda been Oxen, ah, well). The Blue Ox had former Red Sox pitcher Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd at age 36, just decimating the entire league. He ended up going 10-0 against younger, talented players mostly due to the fact that he'd been in the majors. Even though he hadn't pitched there in almost five years, he'd pitched against the best of the best and it showed when he stepped into the independent league. What this little nostalgia trip is saying is that I wouldn't expect a huge upheaval in the Halo 3 2v2. While these new guns have been playing consistently for the past 10 years or so because the competition isn't what it used to be. The old pros come back, break off the training wheels for a few weeks, and I think you'll see the skill gap return with a vengeance.
  12. Mediabrute is killing it on the eUnited Twitter. (For reference, those are OpTic's colors.)
  13. More like Ace has a mountain up his nose. (not that I mean to demean the creativeness of the graphic artist, but it just struck me funny)
  14. Gears' scene has a super gritty, underground feeling to it. Reminds me of early MLG and FGC stuff, lots of smack talk and bad blood.
  15. Frosty's stat line in that second series: nice meme nice meme KnicDniceAnicK/Ddank team nKA/DnDamagedank team nameDmg/DnicAcc. That. is. bonkers. (sorry, mobile users, formatting's off)
  16. Don't let all this detective work deter you from the fact that Hysteria had a post here with over 200 downvotes.
  17. So I was playing No Man's Sky, and I was on a planet with a toxic environment. To boost my suit's defenses against the toxicity, I had to use Sodium. I thought to myself, well, that seems stupid, using salt to protect against toxicity. And then it hit me.
  18. Splyce be like: (For reference if you haven't seen the movie, the line preceding this is "I can't help being the biggest and the strongest."

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