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  1. Oh, so someone makes a comment on Reddit about how you've been ignoring TB for the greener, sprintier pastures of CoD and you think it's perfectly to come back in here with zero memes in hand? ...seriously, though, we're absolutely starved for memes now. It is a meme famine, a fam-meme, if you will.
  2. Man, it makes me legit sad checking out Team Beyond the past few months.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/Brutus_PS/status/1109884871093170177 Edit: Sorry, format bad, too tired, sleeping now.
  4. One more day before 343's announcement. Please set your expectations accordingly, some of you have families to think of. (I thought about going with a Majora's Mask reference, but decided on a gif.)
  5. Reading this thread nowadays reminds me of a (mildly edited) quote from Red vs. Blue: "You know what, I miss the old H4 days, when we just argued about boltshots, and you guys were all just a bunch of nameless @$$holes I would yell at with Coachmayne."
  6. What a solid series from Denial, can't get over how fundamental their play was. Does Ninja Pistola play too much Fortnite instead of scrimming?
  7. Just got a chance to check out the CE stream, this is top-notch. Good stuff, Skillshot team!
  8. Goldenboy is in the chat. Does this mean the party can officially start?
  9. Today's the day, guys! If you're at the venue, rep us correctly:

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