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  1. "Oh, awesome, BXB is back, that's great to s-OH, NO, WHAT HAVE WE DONE!" https://v.redd.it/zrugkd03kep71
  2. We also had a thing with haikus and milk for awhile. This is a weird spot, but it's homey enough.
  3. Look, y'all know me as a fairly positive person, I don't talk a lot of smack, generally express concern over getting mad, etc. My very first thought watching that multiplayer match was "how is this more boring than Halo 5?" I'm still looking forward to playing it, I honestly am, but it feels like they mashed the default movement speed from Halo 3 with the movement abilities from 5, then kinda dusted off their hands and said "there, that'll bring in the classic AND new players!" Again, just my initial rabble-rabble-rabble, hoping for the best!
  4. Does anyone know if Manny that's on KC Pioneers had any different tags? I played with a younger guy named Manny back in 2013ish that was just ridiculous and I'm curious if that's him. Only other tag I have for the guy I played with was Yuem.
  5. I came back a few weeks ago and was having a blast just kicking about in social and the occasional comp game. However, I've noticed that the weekend seems to house way more quitters as well as sweatband socials. Halo CE especially feels filled to the brim with either pubstompers or Loremaster Larrys, and I've started to resort to comp games to find games around my speed. Which then tends to dump me in with more quitters and pubstompers, naturally. What's a 32-year-old semi-tryhard to do except dive into getting the Monopolized achievement? Addendum: screw Gravemind on Legendary.
  6. Hi, all! I've been playing singleplayer games (DQ11 is the bee's knees), had another kid (that's three since I joined in 2012), and I'm officially two years into my degree since last I posted. I hope you all are just as salty as you always have been. You're my favorite Halo community and always will be, you CRT-lugging, anti-sprint troglodytes, you.
  7. Sometimes I look at stuff like this and say "whoa, they're getting old". Then I remember that I'm 31 with my own gray hairs attempting to form on my beard and chuckle quietly, sadly, and mirthlessly. EDIT: Wild OGRE1 appears in the CE chat.
  8. It's like someone showed me the face of the Banksy of esports. As someone with a stat-keeping beard, that's a proper stat-keeping beard
  9. Oh, so someone makes a comment on Reddit about how you've been ignoring TB for the greener, sprintier pastures of CoD and you think it's perfectly to come back in here with zero memes in hand? ...seriously, though, we're absolutely starved for memes now. It is a meme famine, a fam-meme, if you will.
  10. Man, it makes me legit sad checking out Team Beyond the past few months.
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/Brutus_PS/status/1109884871093170177 Edit: Sorry, format bad, too tired, sleeping now.
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