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  1. Weird they ended the stream so early while there were still games going on, especially considering the time of day for NA. Also apparently Trifecta beat Lucid 3-2 with a 50-49 game 5 which we didn't get to see...
  2. Trifecta 3-1 Str8. Shame that series wasn't shown anywhere, had some close games, including a 50-49.
  3. I'm not familiar with the EU teams but are people saying Group B is stronger (than C) because of Wise vs. Infused or something else? Because I think any of the 5th to 8th teams should be able to beat Wise but I wouldn't be so sure about Infused, they seem stronger to me. So Group C is probably the one with the highest chance of an upset.
  4. Seems like we'll get the usual top 4 after all. Tox, Reciprocity and winners of Splyce/Oxygen and NV/Renegades.
  5. Str8 up 2-0 and leading Empire Strongholds 60-19 against NV now... I mean the old NV did have to reverse sweep a team with DasTroyed twice, let's see what happens this time.
  6. Can't claim the bracket got messed up due to Splyce if you lose to Str8 anyway... tap on forehead or something.
  7. Yeah this is pretty much the worst case in terms of random seeding. 1st/5th and 4th/8th, this is exactly what you want to avoid, with one group obviously stronger than the other and missing out on the potentially closest matchup between 4th/5th.
  8. You can view it without the Halo Channel app here: Ep 5: Ship It – The Sprint - Season 3 – Halo Channel
  9. I think crouching reduces the spread on automatics. Same thing happened in Reach with the DMR/bloom.
  10. Which region did you buy and download it from? I bought it from the US store and downloaded it from the Australian (thinking it was the earliest timezone... ugh). Changed region to New Zealand but still says "You are too early". BTW not sure if this is the right thread but Halo: The Fall of Reach is now on the Halo Channel. Apparently you can watch even if you don't have the LE.
  11. If you can't or don't want to use the app, or just prefer to use a browser, I made a website where you can view almost* all of the videos from the Halo Channel. Check it out: http://halochannel.net/ Should work in every major browser and operating system except for Firefox on Android. Let me know if you encounter any issues or have any feedback! * DRM protected videos like Halo: Nightfall and the Halo 2: Anniversary cinematics won't work, just like the Android and iOS apps. You'll need the Windows or Xbox One app to view those.
  12. Did you try deleting and redownloading after changing the region?
  13. So we already know about 8 non-forged Arena maps + 2 forged Arena maps + 5 Breakout maps + 3 Warzone maps + 3 unnannounced Warzone maps = 21, which is the number of maps at launch as revealed by the infographic from the blog post. Unless that's a coincidence, it means that Forge maps are included in the map count. Full list: To put it into perspective (small/total maps at launch): Halo CE: 11/13 Halo 2: 8/12 Halo 3: 8/11 Reach: 5/8 + 3/5 Forge = 8/13 Halo 4: 7/13
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