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  1. [tweet=https://twitter.com/majornelson/status/610997210260488192] I have no clue how to embed this tweet but someone make it happen please.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXSEFeYKopA
  3. It's obvious he just wants the money that's why he played so much Destiny.
  4. I cannot believe they haven't learned after all this time. 343 has become a lost cause when it comes to trying to recreate halo.
  5. I'm also confused why this was mentioned. I know it's Lethul and all, but it just didn't seem necessary. I missed this hope there's a highlight of it. :saucey:
  6. I tried reinstalling Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant 6.5 and I get this now. I don't remember having this much trouble last time. I think I may of been on windows 8 at the time though. (switched back to 7)
  7. I get this when I try and start h2. I've installed GFWL too. It also changes my res to the lowest setting (windows) for some reason.
  8. That's sad to hear they don't give out keys anymore it makes me wish I had grabbed a few more at least. I only have the key that I got for myself so I can't really help you there, sorry. Depending on what's involved I'l help you test. Anything to get more people playing is a good thing.
  9. http://pastebin.com/maV25GBz Here's a guide I found and tweaked a year or two ago. It appears like it may still work although I haven't verified it since I already have a unique key from years ago. I hope this helps and feel free to add it to anything you do in the future. We must rebuild H2 Vista and this thread deserves more attention.
  10. How so? Not that I disagree I just want to know why you think it breaks tradition.
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