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  1. Nice job being a part of v5 for H4, glad you were there to help since your opinion is better than the communities. How did that turn out? I mean you guys put Vertigo TS in...lol
  2. No I'm saying he did play H3. Which is why it's funny that Cyren even said that.
  3. Lol this forum is hilarious. No one can say anything bad.
  4. I would love to see a bomb or KotH gametype. Also Amplified TS needs to go.
  5. I'm down to play if anyone wants to host.
  6. It's funny that I've had more fun/competitive games in H3 for a week than in all of H4 and Reach's lifespan.
  7. Play the first Kingdom Hearts.
  8. Matched FearItSelf with Mudkip earlier, he's still got it.
  9. Yeah but how can you be a pro if you haven't even won money at an event? And on top of that the competition in H4 is minimal.
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