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  1. Been a while since I've been on the forums! Good to be back with high hopes and a smile on my face
  2. https://twitter.com/RichieHeinz/status/377126402065444864
  3. They need permission to use Nice Like Rice because that was the GOAT of names.
  4. Been off Halo for so long, just come back and seen this final HOLY HYPE IM SCREAMING MAN
  5. Ahab

    Hip-Hop Thread

    Hahaha easy now, didn't see it, I'm on the worst iPod on the worst wifi so I went to last page and just posted my bad man
  6. Ahab

    Hip-Hop Thread

    Doom/Cpt Murphy/Earl Sweatshirt http://pitchfork.com/news/51934-listen-captain-murphy-aka-flying-lotus-earl-sweatshirt-and-viktor-vaughn-aka-doom-team-for-between-villains/
  7. #AreWeBack?! UncleSudd franchise?! Astro Tags, Tshirts, His face on 8-12 gum
  8. :unclesudd: You made me spill my chocolate milk dammit :unclesudd:
  9. Ahab

    Hip-Hop Thread

    Someone give me albums/mixtapes to get along the lines of madvillainy, liquid swords, duality, summer knights
  10. I'm done. Team comp in blind pick is going alright, Elise, Talon, Lulu, Zac and then this idiot who needs to pick an adc goes through the following; Nunu, Yi, Tryn, Rumble, Fiora asking if they are ADC's. The bot games are real, life in Plastic Division V
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