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  1. Haven is probably without a doubt the worst of Halos staple maps.
  2. The whole portal thing in splitgate is trendy but isn't going to be mainstream. Its what makes the game but also breaks the game.
  3. Construct would be the best map. But it would be made to a 1:2 scale. All 343 maps lack any strategic thought or meta.
  4. Are the character model scale smaller in 343 games?
  5. The problems are with the out the box experience. The graphics and base player mechanics. Their generic.
  6. Bo2 showed what 343 was putting out isnt good enough i dont think they've adjusted.
  7. Adding more weapons such like the commando is watering down the sandbox
  8. The map selection thats diminished down to the worse Halo 3 maps to prove a point is cringe worthy
  9. The maps don't look good enough to uphold any esports viewership. Not sure why noone has touched on this.
  10. 343 usually fails along the lines of both of these- "meta" and balancing the sandbox. If these two aren't solid well have problems.
  11. So the "meta" needs to be built around the BR. When I say built i mean a balanced sandbox complementing the BR as the utility.
  12. Anyone excited to play fiesta like-balanced Halo matches with Halo Infinite.
  13. 343 needs to be creative more in areas other then changing core Halo.
  14. 343 won't learn from the mistakes they made.
  15. A full page of metaphoricals... Noone has enough influence especially here to change the needler.
  16. Weapon balancing/sandbox is most likely going to be an issue. 343 likes to dump a lot of ARs into the sandbox. They need to make sure to keep weapon tiers balanced. Human > alien > brute.
  17. Oddball is a map control based gametype. Breaking set ups is the gameplay. Not sure why people are fluttered over the concept.
  18. Anyone that doesn't have a bias towards TB is reamis alt ok
  19. That video there looks identical to Halo Infinite.
  20. Spencer: "Halo Infinite Is Not A Make Or Break For Halo" Spencer looking at Halos population statistics like
  21. Halo Infinite has the same gfx style as Halo 5 which is an issue.
  22. Red X is something Noone complained about or asked for.
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