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  1. We won't see any pro tip videos with this game being hitscan.
  2. Halo without lead is worse then CoD.
  3. 5 years to implement a grapple hook. Modders did it in less then a week. This Halo is going to tank worse then cyberpunk.
  4. You have to think and I feel like- all the ideas 343 makes were probably ideas Bungie tested or came across when they were developing Halo and scrstched them. I seriously doubt they didnt. (Flagnum.. Thruster.. Groundpound. Etc) Because they don't work. Theres no way Microsoft told them to make changes to core Halo. I'm not sure why they would hand Halo over to a new deceloper and say do as you want. Not with a game like Halo.
  5. Logically i don't understand why 343 makes the changes they make to Halo. You would think as a new developer Microsoft told them too pick up where Halo 3 left off. I mean that's literally all they had to do.
  6. connect the dots with posts so we don't hear everyone nagging
  7. Its a one dimensional game connect the dots.
  8. Every sport requires teams and teamwork. Why do you think Halo was so popular. It acted like a sport
  9. It acted close to one. The pistol was good for what it was but Halo CE was one dimensional in terms of a versatile game. The mechanics had to be changed on the utility the pistols ttk was too fast in that regard and gameplay was just shoot shoot shoot and the ttk on the 4sk allowed Halo to be a versatile game.
  10. Your arguing for the utility to act as a powerweapon. Grab a sniper. Powerful weapons need to be fought for.
  11. Sprint is an issue of its own and shouldn't be discussed in a competitive Halo discussion.
  12. Its faster.. You dont understand the concept of TTK times. Faster only means the gun acts as a power weapon. 4sk opens the door for a balanced game. Yeah 3sk is more powerful. 3 is faster then 4. With the 4sk weapons become more relevant to how the game is played. Like power weapon control sniper Rockets etc all play their roll alongside the utility for a complete experience. With the ttk alongside the mechanics 4sk has the better ttk and is the best option.
  13. Lol Its 343 were talking about. They despise anything that takes skill.
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