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  1. The BR? If this were 2007-2011 would this post see the light of day? I'm sure I'll read how the BR being the most strongest overall weapon to have in Halo is too weak or how you like to say "slow" inevitably here.
  2. Kills have to matter. They have to hold a purpose. When you kill someone it needs to have a gamechanging effect. Running around the map with guns, shooting people, is pointless. That's all this game is. Forge is the only hope. We need better maps.
  3. You really are dumb. Your reading my posts as text without expression. Dont. Anyways. My whole post. I'm paraphrasing. Ive made posts before about across map being about larger maps. Going back to find a post and twist my words makes you look petty. You're either too dumb to understand what I'm saying or acting dumb to troll.
  4. Oh I'm sorry. Your too dumb to understand what I'm saying?
  5. Any videos floating around of it? I would think to have seen it in a tournament no doubt.
  6. Is it not possible to throw the flag up to a teammate to cap? I haven't seen anyone do it. If they removed that from the game oh god.
  7. Aquarius has the worst LOS. The map needs to be more open. A forge map with better LOS would be much more fun.
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