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  1. Appreciate the reinsurance Another story but my GM at work she bought me an xbox one lmao so I was going to download H3 BC and get MCC
  2. Sucks to hear about MCC. Bungie would never let that happen lol But in H3 BC can you find a game in any playlist you like to play or is it the certain playlist that are actually "playable" i.e social slayer, multi-team
  3. Sup. Haven't been on here for over 3 or 4 years. So what's good?
  4. Haven't been here in over 3 years so I got a couple of maybe stupid questions How good and populated is Halo 3 BC and is MCC broken still?
  5. I looked for one just to be sure, didn't see one a couple pages back.
  6. Got a sick clip or a screenshot of your sick clip? Post it here!
  7. I watched an episode of the big bang theory.
  8. Only thing that wasn't that good (that you know) was the into, it was too long. Yes, continue making this montage.
  9. I mean, why not? You can have your montage uploaded here and get the views it deserves. Not just Halo 4, but Halo 2, 3, and Reach.
  10. I really like the update. Hopefully, they keep making updates like these.
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