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  1. if you could find a way to get h1 to work on this aswell that would be sweet
  2. I'm in Utah and LAN relatively frequently. I only play Halo 1 however. If you're down to play some OG Halo 1 on the tank boxes hmu on twitter. @hasukuce
  3. i plan on being there, do i have to sign up on youstake? place is giving me trouble?
  4. i would kill to go to this, unfortunately its too close to hunting season. : /
  5. Let me know what you think. Future videos will be better quality and have voice instead of text.
  6. it comes down to a few things. Immersion of course. They wanted a way to have it sort of make sense. I guess the way they did that is by having it so that the plasma has an effect on the pad's levitation that allows for the launch. Another reason would be control and consistency. With this game being primarily 4v4 with a higher killtime it would be very unpredictable for weapon launches and would just end up being 8 people throwing nades at one weapon more than likely launching it across the map or something else dumb. Having it only work when the weapon is on the pad also allows for less visual clutter in the air with weapons flying everywhere. Less for the game to process maybe? Also easier for people to get the weapons after they are removed from the launch pad. For 4v4 i feel like it is a good balance. and allows for an interesting meta, people cant just start the game off nading it, they have to at least push the first cycle and then can setup for the next cycle to allow for the launch next time around. However, it would be nice for that to be different in 2v2. We may just have to hope for plasma off start??? Maybe 2 frags and 2 plasma's off start with the ability to hold 4 of each? I really really want to start testing settings for 2v2. Gold Pro this shit or something. *I really wish they had individual weapon damage modifiers in the custom game settings. : /
  7. (double post) soz 2s would be awesome. We should get some 2v2 customs goin dude. im interested in testing the spawns out too. I know that they can be controlled, i'd like to see how though. also might be interesting once forge comes in to do the spawning scripts that that h2a had.
  8. Definitely aware of those components. I play a LOT of CE which is nade point haven. Some of these aren't great, but i can do them really fucking quickly now that i've had the practice and have done it in game several times now.
  9. Being a former Xbox Support agent for about 2 years. You can trust me when I say the Xbox Support agents and Supervisers have no control over this and many other situations. Xbox Outsources its customer support to third party call centers. However If by some miracle you can get escalated to "Tier 3" and they dont just de-escalate your case; They can fix the issue. But its not very easy to do.
  10. So I found an interesting article on this. http://www.gamesradar.com/one-day-original-xbox-games-could-be-backwards-compatible-xbox-one/ Now if this does in fact become a thing, and if similar scenario to Gears of War 1 being backwards compatible despite the HD remaster; CE and H2 are added. Does anyone suppose it might be possible for someone to create an app for the Xbox One that works like XBC but to allow these games to play with Xbox live servers through system link?
  11. If MS were to make it, (Which probably won't happen) they would release it on the console itself and wouldn't charge anyone. If a third party makes it. That may differ. I know some devs they might know a thing or 2 about it
  12. How does host still have a disadvantage? Magnetism is gone right?
  13. I know that most people will just play MCC, but im sure some of you that have been playing XBC forever and probably want to keep the experience. What will most of you do to compensate for the loss of XBC? I would assume Xlink Kai, but im not sure if there is other tunneling software that will be used instead.
  14. I prefer the jump delay. It's really not that hard to get used to. Plus, having no jump delay would make jumps like the priz shortcuts too easy.
  15. wooooow what the serious fuck! its dumb enough to have a aim assist on a rocket launcher, but this!?
  16. We should get a group of people in a game and test this out to make an in depth video for 343. I would suggest doing it on wizard because of the two camos making it more likely to happen.
  17. It'd actually be pretty cool if you added Halo 1 Final maps in. I know this is mainly for new players on MCC but it'd still be nice to get some of those percentages visually for the new maps.

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