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  1. I liked what I saw. Definitely an improvement over 3 and 2.
  2. Why is it that a weapon being spammy is considered a bad thing?
  3. A weapon like that would get incrementally more random as the projectiles bounce around. I know it technically isn't randomness, but it's comparable to rolling a die (of course not to THAT extent) - it's not random but the outcome is so hard to control that it might as well be.
  4. I despise countdown, especially when all the players pile up near the balcony. Seems to me like an error of pathing, but I don't know much about map design so I could be wrong. It had the rocket thingy going for it, that's cool but it's an aesthetically bland map when taken as a whole.
  5. I'd imagine that'd cause a lot of randomness since you don't know where the enemy is spawning. Also most people most likely spawn on the power weapon locations so it's really an illusion of choice.
  6. It really is so disheartening to see so much controller real estate wasted. Do you concede that having an extra joystick up your ass and wriggling your hips around to move would fix this conundrum? How would you feel about a dance dance revolution controller for my oh so many weapon alts and functions? As you know, players LOVE complexity, and they especially love having to worry about my 99999 extra mechanics that I added. Why wouldn't they?? PS- DO NOT reply to this. If you do, I WILL relentlessly harass you with completely unrelated questions.
  7. More like medawhat is this why do they have guns on their head
  8. Oh man. Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, Beyblade and Digimon- That really was the quartet of Japanese shows about ultra ambitious teenagers with hoarding disorders.
  9. Unfortunately I was a pokemon kid
  10. 343 should make a forerunner game where boyo gets to live out his wacky game design fantasies
  11. I predict that halo infinite will have underwater combat and this thing will be godlike down there.
  12. What do you mean I can't send people tactical teabag vids?
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