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  1. Are you referring to the new equipment on the HUD in the screenshots?
  2. Ghost town is in my opinion the 2nd most aesthetically pleasing map in halo 3. That's about it though.
  3. There's promethean vision in infinite?
  4. People who do that spawn jumpy thing are a particular brand of evil.
  5. Griffball, especially halo 3's rendition has gained a cult following. They have dedicated tournaments for this. They do all sorts of insane shit like using the gravity hammer to boost themself or their teammates. I mean, there is no dichotomy, you can have both griffball and other fun modes.
  6. The bullets are slow enough that you can see them in the air and actively avoid them. Like a needler needle or a fuel rod fuel rod for example.
  7. For me, the worst campaign has to be 4. At least 2's covies were fun as hell. Nothing in 4 can be construed as even remotely fun. This dude can say some outrageous shit at times, but he makes very, very good points.
  8. I think you are talking about "undodgeable" projectile weapons like the pistol and PR. I absolutely am in favour of them. No reason not to have them. I was more or less referring to projectiles dodgeable by reaction time alone.
  9. Halo 5... better than halo 3... halo 3... bores me to death.... BRfest.... teamshot... Auto aim.... Takes very little skill.... Poorly designed.... Unplayable...
  10. Wouldn't bullets slow enough to dodge technically be randomness? I mean think about it, if the enemy presses buttons he doesn't get shot, if he doesn't then he's over. You can't do much about it besides hoping that the guy doesn't move out of way. Isn't that randomness? Or let's say you're in an open field and you have your gun pointed at the guy who's not looking at you. Now, I see two possible outcomes to this scenario both of which are not exactly in your control, or even the enemy's control. He doesn't know that you're shooting at him, if he "dodges" your bullet it's basically because of luck. Similarly, you hitting the guy also largely depends on luck. Isn't that randomness? I'm not fully opposed to the idea as I'm a believer of counterplay, but it's really something to think about. EDIT: Come to think of it, wouldn't slow bullets inadvertently lower the skill gap? Because now you don't have to aim at a specific area to hit the enemy, you just have to aim at his general area and you'll only have a chance of hitting him.
  11. I do agree that the halo campaigns are diverse, but they never force you to utilise their sandbox. While it's good that the campaigns allow for multiple approaches to be viable, my problem is that you are almost never required to shake up your strategies, and if you do, that's out of curiosity most of the time. I believe that the halo games have some brilliant encounters that do force you to make decisions, but they are far and few. Doom eternal too has a diverse and creative sandbox, but the difference is that in doom, you are constantly shuffling your weapons and changing your strategies. You can't go through an entire mission with just a single weapon. That's a good thing, because now the player is forced to make decisions. I find this especially true for weapon upgrades. They don't jive well with a sandbox shooter, because they make you favour one weapon over the other.
  12. One of my major gripes with the halo campaigns is that they never force you to make decisions. They have a bunch of weapons that are admittedly pretty fun to mess around with, but you can get through the entire mission with just a plasma pistol, br and the occasional power weapon. That is why I'm excited about damage types. Seems like they could make for some great encounters if executed right.
  13. It's stupid to hate a whole genre of music unless you've heard every single song of that said genre.
  14. Saying that halo 3 is your favourite halo is like saying eminem is your favourite rapper.
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