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  1. The repetitive gameplay would actually be tolerable if the AI weren't so abysmal.
  2. I think I heard them say something along the lines of "We're all master chiefs" or something. If that's going to be the tone of the story then... Man oh man.
  3. It's going to be a bungie tier story without bungie tier presentation.
  4. The campaign could be decent if they make the AI strafe more.
  5. Fingers crossed. Hope you're financially compensated well enough!
  6. It's been 22 hours since the last post. Not even reamis has posted. Wake up people.
  7. FUCK YOU you smug motherfucker fuck off i hate you
  8. He's asking to treat the devs with respect. That's a fairly modest request. Where does he talk about exempting them from criticism? The devs don't live in your phone lmao. By being impudent, you are defeating your own cause.
  9. Why would you compromise your expensive ass ship just because some bipolar AI (with 0 evidence to support her point) said so? It's very odd that 343 tried to frame him as the bad guy.
  10. If this is true, then commando starts are a no brainer to me. If not, I still maintain my position, but I'd be a little hesitant to make any firm judgement. I see what you are saying, however I think that the the difference in the ttk while holding down the trigger vs when tap firing is so insignificant that going full auto is outside of the realm of strategic risk- it's madness. The odds of somebody doing that when money is on the line are incredibly low. Decent gameplay 95% of the time is better than bad gameplay all the time. I know that BR starts are technically more fair, but fair doesn't mean competitive. Poker is undoubtedly more competitive than checkers.
  11. How do you expect me to discuss anything with someone who just states out that I'm wrong without explaining why? This is a good point. Doesn't the brs excessive auto aim put a glass ceiling on skill too? The top 10% would consistently be landing 4 shots and there wouldn't be much room to stand out. With the commando, while you do advantage from holding down the trigger, I don't think this strategy would be especially dominant at the top level. You're just risking too much for too little. There's also an argument to be made for ttks. I think that low ttks create better gameplay for everyone. Not only do low ttks prevent snowballing, but they also ensure that the team with map control is not shooting fish in a barrel.
  12. It clearly has less auto aim than the br. This is not good, this is shit. (less so when tap fired) The BR's auto aim and long ttk is shit as well. It's better to be inconsistently decent than consistently shit. I'm not saying that the bloom has zero say on the outcome of the gunfights, it has. However, 90% of the time I'd wager that the victor would the one with the better aim. The br on the other hand has 0 skill differentiation which leads to stagnant gunfights, where the victor is the one who initiated the gunfight first. Oh and stalker rifle starts, forgot about those. Those seem promising.
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