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  1. Why do halo villains always want to fire the rings lol wouldn't that also kill them?
  2. This man HATES the shock rifle. I'm certain he has it's photograph glued to a dartboard somewhere and he just keeps impaling it with darts like some sadistic movie villain.
  3. Halo fans when I break into their property and start chasing them with a knife (They are unable to scavenge for a weapon apparently)
  4. Is it me or is halo : the first strike extremely overrated? It lacks an emotional core, which is to be expected from a novel about autistic psychopath cyborgs, but even the non spartans act in such a robotic and uninteresting way- they seem to do things out of necessity instead of desire or fear. Without a proper emotional foundation, it's hard to get invested in the exploits of master chief and friends blowing shit up in space for 400 or so pages. I'm new to halo novels. Please tell me the other ones aren't like this.
  5. There's literally a video player on the corner of your screen that starts informing you about halo infinite and shit. It's not even particularly enlightening, it's more like "halo infinite is a video game. Fuck you, the end" YEAH MOTHERFUCKER THATS WHY IM ON THE HALO INFINITE THREAD.
  6. What does OT of GD stand for?
  7. The yellow stripe makes the bullets go faster just like racing stripes make my car go faster
  8. Also the supreme leader of team beyond.
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