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  1. So we already now that the game will have free DLC thanks to the money made from REQ packs. I think this is great because it'll help the game have a long life and the maps being free means we won't have a split player base. However, I'd like to know what you guys would want to see from the DLC. I personally would love to see more visual variety from the maps. Most of the maps have a facility-like feel to them. I can only think of 3 maps that don't fit that mold (Truth, Regret and Colosseum) so I'd like to see more Covenant/Forerunner maps. Also, I think it would be cool if 343 remade the few good maps they had in Halo 4. Haven is awesome and I'd love to see it come back, same with Monolith. The one I want the most though is Skyline because I think it's the best map 343 has made by far (also, dat next gen tarp action though).
  2. I think that's true because I just got to Onyx in FFA and I've been playing against people who are still in their placement matches but hold their own very well.
  3. I think it's fair to go in with a team if you always play with the same team every time.
  4. I'm currently Diamond 6 in FFA and I'm getting very competitive matches too. However, the higher skill level makes it all the more frustrating that there are 8 players instead of only 6 (the best matches are when 2 people ragequit) and very bad spawns.
  5. Shit you can get Onyx directly from the placement matches?! I was so proud when I got Diamond because I thought that you'd get to Onyx from there.
  6. Are you a pro player or something? Champion is pretty impressive.
  7. There are some good ranks in here. Is Onyx the top division? I think we need Unranked playlists too but then we get into the issue of splitting the player base and we don't know yet if this game is gonna have a large player population for a while.
  8. So Halo 5 is the first Halo I've played at launch with a ranking system (I started with Reach) and I'm really liking it. I'm trying out the different playlists but my focus is the Free-for-all (miss the name "Rumble Pit") because I'm a solo player and I won't be able to get a high rank in the team playlists due to parties. I'm currently at Diamond 3 in FFA and I've been having a lot of fun. The games are really close and the players are really good. I'm even having fun when losing and now I understand why people loved the 1-50 in Halo 2/3 (didn't play them until MCC). The only problems I have so far are that 8 player is too much (6 would be better IMO), some maps don't work well (though maybe it's due to the player count) and the spawns are bad (again, maybe player count). Also, I'd love to see more modes like Oddball, KOTH and Regicide.
  9. Glad you like the rest. Don't you think microtransactions are worth it if we get free DLC?
  10. I'm sure it'll be hit-scan as it is better than projectile for online.
  11. Haven't been keeping up with Halo for a while now. The Halo Championship brought me back. I had given up all hope about 343 until I saw how great the tournament was. That, along with how Halo 4 evolved since its release, gives me hope that Halo on Xbox One will be great. We already know that it'll have dedicated servers and run at 60fps, both of which are great additions. Here's what I think Halo on Xbox One needs to be the perfect Halo game: GENERAL Engine: The game is confirmed to run at 60fps which is fantastic. It should have a 1080p resolution. Also, the controls should have very low latency, like CoD. File Share: Should be much Bigger. With #ThePoweroftheCloud, it shouldn't be hard. Menus: Should be completely identical to the Halo Reach menus. The Reach menus are some of the best in gaming as they are very intuitive and well organized. Of course with new art. Live-Streaming: When Live-streaming a Multiplayer game using the built-in Twitch functionality, the viewers should automatically be put in the Spectator Mode-like view to make for a better viewing experience. If Kinect is connected to the console, we should be able to have a little screen with our face on it (would be cool if it looked the same as when people like Palmer, Lasky, etc. appear on a Master Chief’s HUD in the Campaign). Options: The game should have Custom Button mapping. Also, there should be more Audio options. Smartglass Integration: When playing a multiplayer match, there should be a real-time map on the Smartglass device. It should have weapon locations and spawn timers, teammate locations and also real-time stats from the match .We should be able to use Forge on Tablets. SANDBOX Sprint: Remove it. It doesn’t fit Halo and it actually slows down the gameplay (since maps are made bigger and people can use it to escape) and removes map control from the game. Returning Weapons (Weapon balance should be exactly as it is right now in Halo 4): -Primary Weapons: -Assault Rifle -Storm Rifle -Suppressor -Battle Rifle -Covenant Carbine -Light Rifle -Secondary Weapons -Magnum -Plasma Pistol -Boltshot -Grenades -Frag Grenade -Plasma Grenade -Pulse Grenade -Snipers -Sniper Rifle -Beam Rifle -Binary Rifle -Light Power Weapons -SAW -Railgun -Sticky Detonator -Shotgun -Needler -Energy Sword -Concussion Rifle -Gravity Hammer -Scattershot (make it more consistent and less random) -Heavy Power Weapons -Rocket Launcher -Fuel Rod Cannon -Incineration Cannon -Spartan Laser Vehicles: There should be a UNSC Air vehicle. There should also be Promethean vehicles. Armor Abilities: All the Armor Abilities from Halo 4 should return, except Jetpack and Promethean Vision. Make Armor Abilities map pickups like Equipment in H3. Power-Ups: All power-ups from Halo 4 should return. Active Camo should become a power-up. CAMPAIGN Longer Campaign: It should last at least 12 hours. More open areas: I think it should have more open areas like Halo CE instead of the linear levels in H4. Boss Battles More Skulls No QTEs More Backstory: Don't assume we all read the books because most of us didn't. Better Teammate AI More Promethean Classes Campaign Scoring CO-OP Net-Code: I assume the net-code will be better since the game will run on dedicated servers. Co-op is almost unplayable in Halo 4. Firefight and Spartan Ops:I think that at launch, we should get the Campaign, Firefight and the Multiplayer. No Spartan Ops. Then, after launch and the staff's break, the guys who made the Campaign should work on a season of Spartan Ops. A few months after the games launch (so that they can make sure they don't recycle environments as much), 343 should start releasing those episodes weekly. However, they shouldn't release all 5 episodes on Monday. Instead, release one mission everyday until Friday. Why? So that players who rely on MM to play co-op can be sure to play a specific mission (instead of seeing 200 in each mission, we'll see 1000 in the mission every day). When that season is done, update Firefight with maps from that season and start working on the next one. MULTIPLAYER Uses Halo 4’s multiplayer as a base. (don't leave yet) Ranking System: http://www.bigteambattle.net/forum/index.php?/topic/13768-ideal-ranking-system/ Maps: Return to the more simple style of maps seen in Halo 1/2/3 (Lockout, Valhalla, Guardian, etc.). It should have more symmetrical maps and more Arena style maps (Monolith, The Pit, Asylum, etc.). The game should launch with 12 Maps with 6 small and 6 medium/big. Like with Halo 4, maps should be made from scratch instead of being re-used SP environments. There shouldn’t be any remakes at launch. Instead, you guys should make spiritual successors to previous maps (like what Guardian is to Lockout). Also, make sure the small maps support 4v4, 2v2 and FFA very well. Pro Players support: Multiplayer should be worked on with competitive players like Ninja, Ghostayame, etc. like Treyarch did with CoD. This will help make the MP more balanced and competitive. E-Sports: 343 needs to support competitive gaming a lot more with Halo on Xbox One. There should be a Halo Championship every 3 months, same way MLG has tournaments every 3 months. They should have online qualifiers (see below). It should also have big prize pools. Since it would be every 3 month, 200K-300K would be great. There should also be official online tournaments for 2v2 and FFA. Online Qualifiers: Like I said above, 343 should organize their own official Halo 5 tournaments. Teams should register on Halo Waypoint. 2 month before events, a new playlist that would use the Throwdown settings should open and serve as an online qualifier. The teams would be ranked using the ELO system from the Ranked playlists. The top 32/64 would qualify for the event and be flown out. Map Callouts: There should be Official map callouts under the Motion Sensor, like in Reach. This will make calling out enemy positions easier for new players and will allow players to have universal callouts that the entire player base knows. Callouts should be worked on by the Pro Halo players mentioned above. Static Spawns: This will help bring back map control. Instant Respawn: No instant respawn except in modes like Griffball and Action Sack. Armor Abilities: Armor Abilities should be map pickups, like Equipment in Halo 3. They’d act as semi-power-ups and promote map movement even more. Having them being map pickups would also help bring back the classic Halo formula that has been lost with Halo Reach and 4. However, they shouldn’t be big advantages like power-ups are. Just a little bonus like they are in Team Throwdown. If not map pick-ups, then make them personal ordnance rewards. Weapon De-Scope: This is a staple of Halo and everyone agrees that Flinch sucks. Oh and to David Ellis: Being shot by a Sniper while scoped-in is more jarring and disorienting than being shot out of scope. Weapon De-Spawn: Weapon De-Spawn times should be similar to previous games (1 minute). Ordnance Drops: No Random Ordnance Drops and Personal Ordnance Drops in MM. They should be set on Resupply Timers like in Team Throwdown. This will help promote movement as well as map control and a more balanced and classic experience. It also makes the game more accessible without making it unbalanced. Killcams: Killcams fixed. They should track things like Rockets, Sticky Detonators, Grenades, etc. Final Killcam goes in slow-motion like in CoD. Killcams disabled for Ranked except for Round/Game ending. More Custom Game Options Micro-transactions: The game should have Micrtransactions for armor, skins, emblems, etc. There should only be microtansactions for cosmetic things. Downloadable Content: Since there are Microtransactions, DLC should be free. The game will be funded post-launch and the entire population will be able to play them, which means that there won’t be population splits and we’ll play them as often as disc maps. Put the DLC maps in TU so that players are forced to download the new maps. There should be new map packs every 3 months. Those should contain four maps instead of three, like in previous games. There should be 2 small maps and either 1 medium and 1 big or you should alternate between 2 small maps and 2 medium or big maps. I’m saying 2 small maps because the small maps are the ones that are played the most (more playlists feature those). Progression System: The progression system should return to the way it was in Reach. Most cosmetic options should be unlocked from the start but would need to be purchased using credits. Others could be unlocked by completing the campaign on Legendary, completing certain commendations, reach a good ELO in a particular playlist, etc. The primary Loadout weapons should be unlocked from the start but also require a purchase with credits. Loadouts: No Boltshot or Plasma Pistol. They should be placed on maps, like in previous games. No Plasma and Pulse Grenades in Loadouts. They should also be placed on maps only. Basically, we should only be able to choose the primary weapon. Weapon Skins: There should be lots of Weapon Skins like CoD and GoW. We should also be able to put our Service tag and our emblem on our weapons. Equipping skins should work like in Black Ops 2, not like in Halo 4 (where skins are different weapons). That way we’ll be able to have our weapon skins in forced weapon playlists. No Armor Mods: These were used to change some elements that would be default in previous Halo games (Auto Grenade pick up replaced with Resupply, Grenades suck unless you use Explosives, etc.). Every man should spawn equal. Armor Effects: The game should have armor Effects from Reach and also new ones. They should be deactivated in Ranked playlists. We should also have the ability to disable them in Custom games. Vehicle Spawning: Instead of having Vehicles already spawned on the maps, they should materialize at certain spots, like in Dominion. This is to fit my following suggestion. Vehicle customization: We should be able to put different skins on our vehicles. Emblem editor: Emblem editor that is at least as advanced as the one seen in Black Ops 2. Medals: I think the game should use the same Medal system H4 uses. It’s very satisfying to see things like “+10 HEADSHOT”, “+30 TRIPLE KILL”, etc. The weapon spree medals should return (Sniper spree, Sword spree, etc.) Assassinations: Option to toggle Assassinations. Search Options: Ability to search for players with Good Connections only and/or who use mics, like in Reach. Psych Profile: The Psych Profile from Halo Reach should return. Join in Progress: Join in Progress should return but in Social only. Groups: Groups similar to crews in Max Payne 3. We should be able to customize the group's emblem (and have it on your Spartan), organize Group battles and have rival groups. This could be a Waypoint-only feature (like clans for CoD and Groups for MP3) as it would incite people to visit Waypoint. BotZone: BotZone like in KZ3 where we could train against bots and practice different maps. We should be able to bring our parties in BotZone. BotZone should be available offline. Beta test: I don't want to pay $60 to be a Beta Tester. This will help reduce launch problems. Spectator Mode: Spectator mode with all the features in the CoDCasting mode in Black Ops 2. The scoreboard should show the emblems of the player teams, the player’s nameplate should show his emblem. Halo TV: Should work like Uncharted TV in Uncharted 3. I think that there should be an official Top 5/10 series made by 343. There should be an option in the Theater to submit a clip directly to 343 for a chance to be featured in the Top 5/10. Also, the vids shouldn't only be about Kills. Every week, there should be a different theme like Top Kills, Top Fails, Top Snipes, etc. Players featured in the vids should win prizes or something. It should have Machimina, Live-streams and other community content. Also, there should be a “This week in Halo” thing were every Monday, when someone starts playing the game for the first time in the week, instead of having a short text, there should be a video where someone from 343 (hopefully Bravo) talks about new things happening that week like playlist changes, TUs, Spartan Ops, Tournaments (read on), new maps, etc. Gametypes: Return of Assault, Race, Juggernaut, etc. New game modes, both social and competitive. Flood (for MM and Customs) and Infection (Customs). CTF: In Capture the Flag, there shouldn’t be an auto flag pickup. We should have to hold X like in previous games. However, don’t let us drop the flag, that’s a welcome addition to H4. To go with that, let us keep our weapons when running the flag, like in Speed-flag(this could be replaced with a flagnum in custom game options). Flag should need to be at base to score. Also, there should be One Flag and Neutral Flag. Leaderboards: Leaderboards for the Ranked Playlists. Weapon Lowering: Ability to lower the weapon online. It should stay lowered when moving and crouching, like in previous games. Highlight Reel: At the end of every match, there should be a highlight reel of the coolest things that happened in the match (snapshots, quickscopes, out-BRs,etc.). It would feature either the player's highlights or highlights from all the players (either way would work). All these ideas will help bring back Halo too its more traditional style of gameplay, which is both competitive, balanced and very fun, while still feeling fresh through the AAs on the maps, the extended customization and the loadouts. I also wanted to stress that 343 really needs to support e-Sports as it is a scene that is really growing. MULTIPLAYER PLAYLISTS RANKED (8 Playlists) Team Throwdown (4v4) (Bring Ghost to your office before launch so that this can be ready for the game's launch) Team Slayer (4v4) Team Snipers (4v4) -Team Snipers (Main Gametype) -Shotty Snipers Team SWAT (4v4) -Team SWAT (Main Gametype) -SWAT Magnums -ShWATguns -SWATball -SWAT CTF Team Objective (4v4) -1 Site Extraction -2 Site Extraction -Multi-Flag -Neutral Flag -Single Flag -Team Regicide -Multi-Bomb -One Bomb -Neutral Bomb -Oddball -King of the Hill Lone Wolves (6 FFA) -Slayer (Main Gametype) -Regicide -Oddball -KOTH Team Doubles (2v2) -Team Slayer (Main Gametype) -Multi-Flag -Neutral Flag -1 Site Extraction Squad Battle (6v6) -Team Slayer (Main Gametype) -2 Site Extraction -Multi-Flag -Neutral Flag -Single Flag Team Objective (4v4) -Team Regicide -Multi-Bomb -One Bomb -Neutral Bomb -Oddball -King of the Hill Griffball (4v4) (I think it should be Ranked because it can get very competitive) -Griffball -Griffball Pro -Griffball Dash -Jet-Pack Griffball SOCIAL (6 Playlist, not counting Rotationals) Social Slayer (4v4) -Team Slayer (Main Gametype) -Slayer Variants (Rockets, Shotty Snipers, etc...) Big Team Battle (8v8) -Team Slayer (Main Gametype) -Multi-Flag -Single Flag -Neutral Flag -Neutral Bomb -Multi-Bomb -One Bomb -Dominion -2 Site Extraction Rumble Pit (6 FFA) -Slayer (Main Gametype) -Regicide -Oddball -Swords -KOTH -Various Fun Gametypes Multi-Team (4 teams of 2) -Team Slayer -KOTH -Oddball -Team Swords -Team Hammers -Rocket Race Action Sack (4v4) -Griffball (Main gametype) -Various fun gametypes Flood (10 Players) -Flood -Alpha Zombies -Safe Havens -Hide and Seek FORGE Bigger Budget: Next-gen console so this shouldn't be too hard. Maps: 4 flat, Forge worlds with the following themes (more should be added through DLC): -Grassy area -Snowy area -Desert/Rocky area -Space area Palettes: 3 Palettes usable on all 4 maps: -UNSC palette: The UNSC palette should have the Halo 4 colors (Forge Island, Ravine, Impact and Erosion) but also colors that belong in Halo and that we would see in Campaign or in regular MP maps -Forerunner palette: The Forerunner palette should all the colors seen in Halo 4 (Haven, Composer, Lockup, Monolith, etc) -Covenant palette: The covenant palette, as main colors, the colors seen on maps like Midship and Zealot (Purple, Pink, Yellow, etc.) Secondary Colors: Secondary Colors should return as they are great for localization and callouts in Halo 4. They should be available for all 3 palettes and include all the different team colors available in the game. Weather and Time of day editor Terrain Editor Precision Forging Interactive Pieces Zoom Ordnance Drops: Ability to change the ammo in Ordnance Drops. Ability to set ODs on Static and Dynamic timers Custom Power-ups Firefight: We should be able to forge firefight maps. THEATER Modes: Theater mode for every mode in the game. YouTube support: Ability to upload clips/matches to YouTube from the game in 1080p. Bigger Match History Highlight Reel: Ability to automatically create a Highlight Reel of any game that shows things like out-BRs, snapshots, cool snipes, Multi-kills, etc. Party: Ability to go in Theater with up to 16 people Live voices: Theater should also record the voices of players during matches (Campaign, MP and SO). Commentating: Ability to commentate over a gameplay directly from the game There you have it folks. The perfect Halo game. Both fresh and familiar. It sticks to the core formula while easing people in. This game would easily be on top of the XBL charts.
  12. Already have my PS4 pre-ordered. I plan on getting an Xbox One when Titanfall comes out. I'll have for sure when Halo comes out.
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