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  1. Let the AR quick camo and we're on to something.
  2. @@Sal1ent, what's your current favorite weapon in Halo 5?
  3. Can I look away for 5 seconds without issues happening?
  4. So Winterfox is in the top 8 guaranteed?
  5. Can't believe Winterfox are going to lose to Optic.
  6. My predictions 1. EG 2. Denial 3. CLG 4. Team Randa 5. C9 6. Noble Black 7. Optic 8. Elevate
  7. Sorry, but to be honest, to me, it feels like 343 don't care that much about the HCS. The whole Ricochet thing, forgers not really knowing what to do for HCS forge maps because 343 won't make a blog post on it, forge maps not even being the latest version, not tweeting out events, etc just rubs me the wrong way. Communication is key, and sadly, 343 doesn't hold the key. Maybe they want to wait for Halo 5 and don't/can't talk about the MCC, but come on. Do better please.
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