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  1. We disputed match and started playing round 2 and they reversed match whole we were playing so we did not see. How to reverse match no admin is responding
  2. Need an answer. Are pros just allowed to contact people within and change whatever they want even when they don’t show up on time and I have pictures of admin saying they needed to respond by 3:20 EST or it was forfeit and they didn’t and still they can reverse it by I who have no connections cannot ?
  3. We were already in our round 2 match against team: B2B. We are willing to play how do you reverse match like they did
  4. They reversed the match while we were playing so we couldn’t see. How can we reverse it so we can play them. More than willing to just thought it was finalized
  5. For the 2v2 Astro Battles: Gears 5 how do you find the bracket to see who you go up against? All I see is “standings” and how to you input match results
  6. What time does this event start mountain time ?
  7. How do you check in for your tournament ? The 2v2 Astro Gears event says it has 7 days left and everyone checked in but us
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