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  1. Hate it that you can't jump (ninja) over people if they shouldercharge you...
  2. First i voted AR + 4sk pistol, then i read one of the first reactions: Br is more entertaining to watch. I have to agree with that, it will be more fun to watch people out br each other then to see AR vs Pistol fights all the time.
  3. Is it just me or are there an insane amount of quitters. I think i have played 8 games this morning. had quitters in atleast 5 of them. So fucking annoying.
  4. V3rbun MM/ Customs NL (Europe) Searching for some people to play slayer/ arena with. (Plat, diamond, onyx)
  5. Tigahflex

    GFX Thread

    Just for your information that was posted a year ago so i dont think it is still relevant.
  6. Soon, somewhere in 2015 so probably september or later. im really curious to how project spartan will preform vs other browsers like chrome & firefox.
  7. When playing pegasus today i noticed that it also had the call outs from the map area. so i think in H5 you can set call outs for certain areas of maps.
  8. I tried again, and now it works perfect. even all teams are balanced now (atleast in all games i ve played since the new update)
  9. i agree it has improved, but since this new update i havent found a game yet after 30+ minutes searching :S
  10. thnx but that method didnt work for me. And also it is only temporary so like you said you have to do it very often. it is better to forward ports or try any other solution that is permanent.
  11. Nice tips, does anyone know some fixes for "game was not finished" when you find a game and it does not start?
  12. you can do that in audio and video settings. and then medal flasher. atleast thats what i think you mean.
  13. Finally found a game after hours of searching 3v3 h2a, everything was smooth only complain was that if you would press the back button you ddidnt see how much kills each player had only the team scores and if you had more or less kills than your other teammates
  14. thnx finally go it to work. partly using DMZ and also turning ipv6 off. Atleast it is open for now, hope it will stay.
  15. For halo mcc matchmaking updates: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/85d779d52cfd46918b4f8b638f2e3c7b/topics/the-master-chief-collection-bug-investigation/e024f78f-6022-4a49-99ea-67562ec5b4ca/posts
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