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  1. If you haven't formed a team yet, i have been looking to join one recently. I can hold my own against onyx/champion players, usually play with champion players. Although i cannot play during the week due to school i put in all my effort on the weekends. Been playing since Halo 3. It'd be cool to play with you. My GT: SuperDiaperBaby
  2. Team Name: Cool Cats Winner: Cool Cats Round: 1 Score: Master Gaming Forfeits The opposing team did not appear for the match within 15 minutes of the tournaments' initial start.
  3. Team Name: Cat Sexuality GT: SuperDiaperBaby AoH Legend
  4. Hey, Im in Roseburg. There haven't been any tournaments lately down here.It kinda sucks. Hit me up if you guys want to set something up. Id be happy to help and/or participate.
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